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Thread: Trying to gear up for 10 man ICC need gear/spec suggestions

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    Trying to gear up for 10 man ICC need gear/spec suggestions

    Heres my armory link. (hopefully it will show me wearing prot gear not ret)


    I seem to be tanking heroics without much trouble.
    Occasionally lose threat a bit when i have a high dpser in the group though.

    I want to upgrade my blue trinket as well but am reluctant to give up the def on it for something like the black heart.

    Any suggestions?

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    Few things. My armory might be acting up but no enchant on belt, legs, helm would be a start.

    I'd also regem to 30 sta in every slot except the one you need for meta or where there is a 12 sta bonus (maybe 9 too, matter of choice)

    Id switch shoulder enchant to the pvp one.

    Also the chest and cloak defense enchants is switch to health and armor respectively. Need 540 ( 538 with the pvp shoulder chant) if you're past that, armor and sta are the way to go.

    Both trinkets should be replaced. The black heart, skel key, glyph will all server you better in a raid then those two

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    Trying to gear up for 10 man ICC need gear/spec suggestions

    Wow...a lot of work to do. Based on your current setup, I highly recommend you do some research on prot pally. This site, elitistjerks and maintankadin.com all have info that would probably be useful for you.

    I want to be clear, this is not intended to be anything but constructive criticism. Want to help you get better but based on your current choices, I suspect you haven't researched much and tanking probably requires the most research of any role.

    Start with talents
    1 from spiritual attunement; blessing of sanctuary, judgement of wisdom and divine plea all give you mana back. Two points in this are not necessary. Just make sure divine plea iis active on every pull (minus some gimmicks like the single mob portals in VH).
    Remove all 5 from conviction. These are nice but the threat from them is not worth five talent points. A solid rotation makes them unnecessary and there are important places to put them.

    2 in judgements of the just. Reducing mob swing spear by 20% is HUGE for surviving
    1 more to fill up pursuit of justice. Run speed is hard to quantify but impossible to replace.
    1 in seal of command. This is aoe goodness in heroics or treash and means you won't need the hammer of the righteous glyph.
    2 in vindication. You might be surprised how little attack power bosses have. Reducing it is a massive help to survivability.

    Get the minor glyph of sense undead. In dungeons, always have sense undead active.
    Need glyph of divine plea. DP should always be active in combat so this is a flat 3% damage reduction.
    I recommend glyph of righteous defense so taunts miss less often and reduces the importance of hit rating even more.
    Last glyph can be seal of vengence (highest threat glyph) judgement (in case you use this to pick up adds) or hammer of the righteous if you just really want more aoe than you need.

    Gear - this will be long:
    For gems, you want one purple (10 agil +15 stam in the best red socket which is your belt at the moment) and the rest should be 30 stam.
    Your meta should be austere earthsiege (32 stam 2% armor)
    Helm sockets are bonuses are good but only if they are red or blue. In this case, go 30 stam and ignore the bonus.
    30 Stam in the shoulder socket and get the 30 stam +15 resilience enchant for 10k honor. With this, you only need 536 defense for raids.
    Cloak-after you change your trinkets and gems, if you have 536 defense change this to 225 armor.
    Chest 2 x 30 stam gems and if you are still defense capped, 275 hp enchant
    Craft the saronite swordbreakers for your wrists and enchant with 40 stam and 30 stam gem
    Armsman enchant is bad. Parry gets slammed by diminishing returns at low numbers and you already have it on your gear so don't ever gem or enchant for it. 2% threat should be irrelevant because with a proper rotation you will be much more than 2% ahead on theat.
    Belt - get your belt buckle and put a 30 stam gem in it. If you want to keep the dodge/stam gem here instead of agil/stam I recommended earlier, that's not terrible.
    Legs - missing another enchant. Get the 55 stam enchant.
    Rings - heroic ToC 5 man drops mark of the relentless which is nice but if you are low on defense, get the impregnable fortress from the dalaran vendor.
    For trinkets, try to get the black heart from reg ToC and essence of gossamer until you can replace Essence with glyph of indomitability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sifuedition View Post
    Ive just spent most of the day re-gemming/specing..... out of time to test it today.
    Still got to work on trinkets.

    Hopefully if has improved from the earlier spec / gems / chants

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