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Thread: Help! How to get better gear.

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    Help! How to get better gear.

    Hey there,

    I am new to this website . I would like suggestions on how to obtain better gear. My current gear is:


    Any suggestions, criticisms, and comments are welcomed.

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    You need to get your hands on as many frost emblems as possible. Do the daily random ever day, do the weekly, and get into as many ICC runs as possible, 10/25. Even VOA will get you some extra emblems.

    You can get a lot of better gear for frost emblems, the entire t10 set, although you already got the 264 legs, so you don't need the entire set. You can also get the 264 belt, which is very nice (and will replace a green)

    And untill you get the t10 helm...throw some gems and an enchant on the helm you got now I know it's probably a new addition to your gear, but it doesn't have to be epic gems, even blue gems will do

    Hope this helps

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    Fill Glove and Ranged slot with Triump badges from running heroics.
    If ya have some guildys that can help run the Icc 5 mans to finish out some of your kit, Shield Weapon and ?neck?. Some stuff in normal mode with some buds you can farm it till you get it.
    Run Toc 5 man for a Black Heart (trinket) and girdle of the palid knight( belt) Some gloves in there as well.
    Eerie Runeblade Polisher (cloak) Hor normal for example.

    Switching out Nighttime for a Tanking weapon or even a Faster weapon. Icc 5 mans Falric Wrist Chopper i think. To let you Cleave/Hs more often. Mostly for Cleave in 5 mans. see you have the glyph of cleave which is great for 5 mans.

    Toc 10 man / 25 man Heroics for triumph/ T9

    Do some research to figure out what is within your reach, both raid wise and badges. Plan what order your going to get stuff.
    Drmarten makes some good points like frost emblems, but always fix up your kit.

    On a more endgame type note stay away from avoidance/Stam gems you are almost always better off going 30 stam gems on Gear you know your going to have/use for a long time.

    Pvp Shoulder Chant. Makes you only need 537 Defense vs raid bosses.

    Tried to Give more Suggestions to get you kitted up fast. So Grab some Buddies and run some of those normal modes while you work on the frost badges over time.

    As an unfortunate reality via the dungeon finder, 30k will get ppl dropping group on you. So work on getting the stam up , dont completely ignore hit and expertise. Threat is a serious issue for tanks gearing up Via dungeon finder at 80. Let ppl know your tyring your best and to bear with you, If ya make a mistake own up to it. Simple " Opps Srry about that " , makes me more trusting of a tank.

    Get rid of Puncture , Imp rend , and Cruelty and 1 point in ? Shield Mastery ?
    Pick up 3/3 imp heroic strike
    Impale and Deep wounds
    More threat, for the 5 mans more threat mean dps can go harder means you get your badges faster

    Minor Glyph of ThunderClap
    Minor Glyph of Commanding Shout

    Hope some of this helps, and you can get some of this today / this weekend to help you along till you can get more 245 + stuff.

    Edit: Noticed you were a JC , Level it up till you can get the JC only Stam trinket? Pick up something for secondary Tradeskill Mining for money and some stam perhaps ?
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    Thanks guys, help very much appreciated.

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