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Thread: Fury warrior gemming question - ArP

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    Fury warrior gemming question - ArP

    I've been using Rawr as an idea of what I should be gemming but not sure if it's doing me any good. I was curious if, with the gear I have, should I be gemming straight ArP yet or just continue with what Rawr is telling me to gem. Here is a link to my armory.


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    You probably can. From the looks of it you are at 848 ArP.

    You can add about 260 from gems
    If you get the badge belt (leather), you will pick up 80 more
    You'll get 65 more if you get the badge cloak
    If possible, trade your Claymore for the Ramaladni Axe, which is 83 more, plus it solves some expertise issues you have

    That will actually put you a little over. If you cant get one of the pieces, remember you can use the Hearty Rhino for +40 ApR and an Elixir for +45 (I think). You want to get as close to 1400 as you can without going over. Youre close.
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    Without question dump the proc based ArP trinket and shoot for 100% passive (you are over hit anyway so definitely switch out Grim Toll, as Fury with talents you only need 164+ hit).
    Currently you are at about 60.59% passive ArP (~848), you want to reach about 97% passive ArP (~1360) and get the rest from armor pen food.

    ArP addition from re-gemming (Change to agil/crit meta and fill meta requirements with 1 blue in chest and 1 yellow in hands):
    Head - 34
    Neck - 20
    Shoulders - 20
    Cloak - Buy vendor cloak (Might of the Ocean Serpent) for only 60 emblems for +24 more ArP then what you have now and then +20 for adding a gem slot... total improvement of 44
    Chest - 20
    Wrist - 20
    Sword - 20
    Hands - 20
    Belt - Buy vendor belt (Vengeful Noose or if you are low on hit could get Malevolent Girdle) if u get the leather one it is +80 ArP and 3 sockets same as you have now so +20 ArP since replacing yellow gem... total improvement of 100
    Legs - Replace the expertise gem with ArP - 20
    Boots - 40
    Ring1 - 20
    Trinket - Grab the vendor trinket (Herkuml War Token) to replace your Grim Toll until you get something better, ideally Deathbringer's Will

    Total ArP addition from above = 378 bringing you up to 1226 (~87.6% passive ArP). If you can get your hands on the 10m axe off of Deathbringer Saurfang that would bump you up another 83 + another socket so 103 for a total of 1329 (~95% passive ArP). Combine that with ArP food will bring you up to about 97.8% passive and your dps output will be SUBSTANTIALLY higher then what you are doing now.

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