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Thread: Fury warrior dps- what am i doing wrong?

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    Fury warrior dps- what am i doing wrong?

    I'm a fury warrior. My dps is really lacking, and I've read around and have no clue what I'm doing wrong. Is it my gear? Gemming? or rotation? (Whirlwind->Bloodthirst->Slam if available->Bloodthirst->repeat. Any help would be fantastic!

    ~Thanks in advance

    my armory:
    EDIT: my armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...nmaw&cn=Tryrun

    sorry about that
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    It could be alot of things, can you provide an armory link, or log parse.

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    Well, you need to enchant your cloak, and Im not totally sure why you are gemming crit rather than strength. There is a tool called Landsoul's spreadsheet. One of Tankspot.com's major contributors made a thread on how to use it in the DPS forum. Load your character into it and you can see if crit is actually better than strength (I suspect not).

    I will say this, your hit is fine (since you are specced into precision) and your expertise is 25, which is almost soft cap (get to 26). You need to do a few things first;

    - Make sure you are behind the MOB youre attacking

    - I didnt see heroic strike as a part of your "rotation" and it should be. Pretty much any time your rage is over 50, you should have a HS que'd up. It will be a big part of your arsenal. Also, it will lower your misses (since a white attacks miss ratio is much higher than a yellow) and it will take glancing blows off the table.

    - Make sure you are flasked and have a food buff

    - I didnt see how you were using your cooldowns. For Death Wish and Recklessness, you want to use them in a way that either you get to pop them the maximum amount of times in a fight or so you can pop them with blood lust. For example, if its a 6+ minute fight, you can use Death Wish 3 times, etc.

    You're not super deep into ICC yet and a warrior is highly dependent on gear and raid buffs to make sure they do maximum damage. Ensure you have all of the buffs possible before you pull.

    Go run ICC with a combat log, upload it to one of the 3rd party combat parsers (I like World of Logs myself) and link it here. You'll have an answer in no time.
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    Oh yeah forgot to mention HS and deathwish and recklessness. I do indeed use those, HS as a rage dump and recklessness and deathwish whenever i see my +1000 AP trinket proc, or +600 armor pen trinket proc. I don't quite understand what a "3rd party combat parse" is. I'm also assuming combat log is an addon i download? And i've also tried getting into some ICC groups but i'm never accepted for my DPS (with my guild) or my GS is too low (with pug groups) which is why I'm posting here hoping to get some help on upping my DPS

    Sorry I don't understand anything, but I really appreciate you taking your time to help me!

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    Here is the easiest way to record your damage so that you can post it for people to review:


    The common issue with new Fury Warriors is not utilizing an addon that provides Bloodsurge proc notification for instant slams. Personally I like using MikScrollingBattleText for a sound based proc notification as well as SatrinaBuffFrame with a custom bar just for my instant slam procs that show up right over my character and tells me how many seconds I have to use it. The combination of those two make it easy to utilize instant slams whenever they fit a free GCD without having to think about it or look around so that you can maximize your DPS.

    I am completely re-designing my UI this weekend since I am switching from main spec tank over to main spec DPS and will see about making a thread addition in the UI section of the TankSpot forums with the new setup if you or anyone else is interested.

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    Rotation is Bloodthirst>WW>Slam procs in between casts, not pushing back either BT or WW and spamming HS the entire time.

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