I like something similar to blood draining as in you can build several charges on weapon hit.
Having various enchants to choose from would be nice....

Enchant Weapon: Armor Shredding
Every attack has a chance to increase armor by 80, stacks up to 5 times. The stack will be consumed and form a barrier absorbing the next 1000 damage per stack when your health drops below 25%.

Enchant Weapon: Cataclysmic Life Shielding
+50 stamina.
Melee attacks have a chance to form a protective barrier around you absorbing 50% of the damage dealt by the weapon.

Enchant Weapon: Accurate Striking
+3% hit, +3% expertise.
Parried attacks no longer causes haste.
I am not sure if parry haste still exist after they changed parry a few times.
Pure stat increase is starting to become boring. I think it is about time they add more interesting effects to weapon enchants. They can consider adding special armor/shield enchants as well.

Enchant Weapon: Retaliation
+50 parry rating.
Every successful parry have a chance to cause Retaliation, striking the target for 33% weapon damage.
(good for AoE tanking!)