Keepers of the Crown is a well-established, alliance guild on the Staghelm server. We are comprised mostly of professionals (many with families) who want to get the most of their (limited) raid time. We have been quite successful in our 10-man raiding and are looking to grow our numbers for 25-man raids. Our goal is to develop a team capable of progressing quickly through Cataclysm content and defeat what WotLK has to offer in the process.

We are currently recruiting for all roles

Raid Schedule:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm-11pm CST

-10/12 Heroic 10-man ICC
-9/12 25-man ICC

Applicant Requirements:
-Dedication to improve one’s own performance and help improve the performance of the raid.
-Reliable, timely attendance to our 25-man raids – 90% attendance required.
-Civil, mature behavior
-A reliable computer and internet connection capable of running the game without repeated lockups, disconnects, or lag issues.
-The ability to listen and speak on Ventrillo while playing the game.

What we have to offer:
-A fun raid environment that’s fairly laid-back, but focused on progression.
-An extremely light raid schedule (6 hours a week 25-man ICC, but several other optional raids throughout the week.).
-A loot system that rewards dedication and promotes progress for the team.
-A friendly, welcoming, low-drama guild atmosphere.
-A variety of activities happening
-An active group of officers working to improve the guild and open to suggestions

If you think you’d be a good fit, please apply at our website:

Post on our forums or contact Mazrael, Dudditz, or Cataren in-game. You can also speak with any of our members or other officers