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Thread: Resto addons and dk tank addons

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    Resto addons and dk tank addons

    hi i have a resto druid and i would like to know what addons you recomend me i have bartender 4 and healbot i have seen alienas ui and i like it but is it only for priest or can i use it with a resto aswell?? in that case can you tell me what addons it has?

    i have a dk tank with bartender4 and omen can you recomend me more addons??

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    http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...28-aliena-s-ui I can't really see anything that could stop a tree from using it

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    My two fave classes/specs

    Resto: I use the default TukUI (tukui.org) with Healbot instead of Grid.

    Tank: Tauntmaster is good, as is Horn of Winter addon so you never get caught without it being active. I changed from using TukUI for DK tanking and opted for a clean setup consisting of Bartender 4, Omen, Recount and X-Perl.

    Obviously for both variants you should install DBM too, and if your pvp'ing install Gladius and Afflicted 3.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warboxer View Post
    Tauntmaster is good
    ^ Incorrect.

    This has been mentioned in many topics already that there are fundamental flaws in the design of TauntMaster that promote bad tanking practice and it should not be used. Any addon that taunts the target of someone is worthless because you can never guarentee they are targeting what they have aggro from. A healer that pulls aggro is probably targeting you or someone else healing them. DPS that pull aggro with AoE aren't actually targeting the mob they necessarily pulled aggro on.

    Never use TauntMaster because the addon is built on a faulty design concept. If you learn the wrong way, you only make it harder on yourself to correct your mistakes later when you try to relearn the correct way.

    Instead tanks should be using nameplates with threat indicated. As for common modifications to the nameplates, the most common is TidyPlates -Threat Plates.
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    I agree that Tauntmaster is fundamentally flawed. Let a raidframe or Omen provide you with warnings about DPS creeping up in their threat.

    I also recommend DKI Runes/Diseases for a DK tank, not so much for the runes but it's great (IMO) for the disease tracker. You can move the disease trackers independently, anywhere on the screen, and you always know when one or both of your diseases fall off. That way you can get them back up ASAP.

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