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Thread: NEW At Tanking.

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    NEW At Tanking.

    Brand new level 65 human warrior. Geared & ready to go. The problem is, I don't understand how to go about this. I get Charge, Thunderclap/Shockwave. Vigilance on the heals & Battle shout always on. But somehow I just seem to keep sucking at this. Any advice? This stuff makes me nervous. Failing is NOT an option.

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    Well your only 65 you have a while to learn... Use cleave as well and heroic strike as a rage dump and you should do fine at your level.... put vigil on the highest dps on the group as well.

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    At level 68 switch to commanding shout.

    Vig the most mighty dps, not the healer.

    Getting your rotation right is the single biggest way to improve threat.

    Shield slam, devastate and heroic striek (rage permitting) should be key ingredients of your priority attacks.

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    I would not worry about it. At your level, you're learning and it will open up slowly, if you just keep at it. I can part two advices. First, tanking is mostly about gathering up the mobs and then AoE tanking them, as you maintain threat on them. Learn how the patrols move and always, if applicable, open with a Charge. I have Heroic Strike macro'd to my Charge and usually, I spam my Shield Slam to get highest threat on that first target. From there, Thunder Clap, hit some Cleaves (the glyph of cleaving is very useful for this purpose) and attempt to quickly position the mobs so that your Shockwave hits them all.

    Secondly, be mindful of the surroundings, especially in TBC instances. In Wrath it gets easier, but in TBC and Vanilla instances, packs are often so close to each other that it is difficult to only pull one pack. So positioning and awareness are your main skills as a tank. Threat will come in time, as you become more familiar with your abilities and they become more second nature to you.

    If there'd be a third, I'd say it is surviving. I usually check out the gear of my healer and watch my health as we move through the dungeon. If he is strong, I can pull more daringly. Otherwise, I hold back. When crap happens and things just go bullocks (and they inevitably do) you need to help your healer by doing whatever you can to survive; use CDs, pop a healing pot, stun and disarm mobs, etc.

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    All the above is great info. I too am learning to tank with my warrior. I got lazy though, and just started to really tank at lvl 70 after I made my cobalt set of course . What seems to work for me is to charge a mob, devistate, shield slam, thunderclap, tab targets to get a few devistates up the go to first target, shockwave, then devistates and shield slams and revenge. I use cleave as my rage dump, and heroic strike after revenge. I use revenge and shield slam ever time they are available, as well as thunderclap. It would also be a good idea to use shield block in the middle of your charge. Keeps your damage down while you get initial aggro, so the healer is not freaking out when he/she can start to heal you . They will love you for it.

    The issue your gonna have is DPS that will not wait for AOE. You will have to fight through it. Even if you say something to them, which you should, because they really may not understand that they should wait a few seconds for you to get aggro on the entire group of mobs. The good thing about early AOE at lower level tanking, is that it will make you quick on your toes, which will make you a better tank over time.

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    NEW At Tanking.

    Shield slam is your highest priority and then revenge, then devestate, which should be glyphed. Managing your rage will be the hardest part of your "buttons". Learning how to pull, as a previous poster stated, is maybe the hardest part. Don't be afraid to use your ranged weapon and run back before charging. If you can get the pack to move a little ways away from the next one before charging, it can make a huge difference in how clean the pulls are. I usually will try to get two strikes on my charge target and then start tab targeting to spread the love. When you are over 50 rage, cleave for multiple targets and heroic strike for single targets.

    Addons that can help a LOT:
    Powerauras Classic
    Tidy Plates
    Tidy Plates:Threat Plates

    Those can be googled for videos that will show you how they are useful.
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