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Thread: Seeking more advice on gear

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    My head hurts!
    Its amazing that people come here and ask for advice. They came here and ASKED for help and people take a ton of time to give this tried, true and tested advice. The builds and glyphs the people recommend and give you advice on (ya know the advice you asked for) are ingame and simulated tested! This is fact! not someone simply trying to mess with you or give you bad info.

    The taunt issue, I've seen a ton of tanks lately who have the glyph of rightous defense. I see more now than T9 when no one had hit. Its been said before afew times, no gearing/spec/glyph is perfect for every fight but I'm not sure of any spot in ICC where missing a taunt is life and death or wipe (aside from LK soul reaper and Sauerfang hard) you know these fights are coming, you switch glyphs for those. If not really you are glyphing for something that is pretty non-essential. You don't need it for trash...Ever in ICC. There are other buttons you can press that will solve a high hit rating or wasted glyph space.
    If you are that concerned about hit, look at it the way DPS do. Once you get to hit cap you do everything you can to stay away from hit because at 8.1% hit you are losing that .1% to something that could save you or add more threat to you.

    The spec, divinity is bad. Its overhealing! Its pretty much always been overhealing. You already have 6% extra heals built into your spec.
    Benidiction and 2 points in SA are pretty wasted points too. In ICC if you are (and you say you are a raid tank) mana should never be an issue.
    Here is a bunch of guides to help you out if you are more intrested in reading for yourself than just listening to others spen their time to tell you. Here

    The guys here that post with this help, know what they are talking about. Some very smart and good at the game people. It would be ashame for you not to at least respect the advice you are given even if you don't agree with it. Telling people what you are going to do after they give you advice is in some peoples eyes rude. They were just to classy to tell you this.

    I will only say that I dig the agi/stam in the red sockets. The extra armor makes me feel cozy. W/dodges nerf in ICC I'll take a few more stackable armor points any day! AGI all the way...lol

    As for theorycrafing the search key works and check these out:
    agi vs dodge
    threat analysis
    talent build guide
    There are a ton of others too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggathon View Post
    Edit2: go read http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...king-mechanics) and if you want to be a real baller read the entire thread, because people bring up a lot of other good points. I have links on the OPs to some of them.
    That thread is amazing...thanks!
    and your sig says it all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucen View Post
    I assume even without diminishing returns, an amount of stamina is worth more than an equal amount of dodge, so 9 stamina is probably worth more than 10 dodge rating. How about 6 stamina vs. 10 dodge? Now which one is worth more?
    This is an excellent post for weighing up the opportunity cost of trading avoidance gems and enchants for stamina gains. It doesn't tell you where the cut off is (you can decide that for yourself, since it's probably impossible to definitively prove), but it does outline the smartest places to make those trades.

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