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Thread: Druid Tanking ICC

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    Druid Tanking ICC

    So I've recently been reading very many posts on druid tanking, and I some of them lean towards gemming Agility, and others lean towards gemming stamina. Generally I only tank ICC 10, however, there is a huge possibility I might be needed to start tanking in my healadin's 25 man, as our tanks are non existant.

    We are 8/12 HM.

    So the question is, gem stam or gem agility?
    Also, I'm guessing that Mongoose is still the number 1 tanking enchant for druids? If not, what is, and could you explain?

    Thank you so much for all the help. :-)

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    Gem stamina. I assume you're working on PP, Sindragosa and LDW. For those fights the amount of spelldamage and big hits you'll take that aren't avoidable is quite large. Stamina is already best, but for those it's even better.

    Mongoose is still #1, though some druids use blood draining on lich king. Neither is particularly good.

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    Even with the 30% buff stam stacking is a way to go with gems. Mongoose is still the number one enchant due to the increase in agli which in turns translate to dodge and armor. The haste buff that it grants too is a nice be it small increase in threat too. If you notice on the fights you are working on if you go below 30% health a few times then the blood draining enchant could work good for you.

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    I think most would agree that EH is the way to go. My main is a bear and I generally gem for stam except for a Nightmare Tear or Dreadstone to activate the meta gem. We get a ton of Agi on our T10 gear. Stam at least doesn't have DR like the dodge we get from Agi does.

    As far as enchants go, I still use Mongoose although I have been thinking about trying Blood Training for the additional EH.


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