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Thread: [A] [Proudmoore-US] <Dishonor Elite> 11/12 ICC25 HM, 7-11 PM PST Tu/We/Th

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    [A] [Proudmoore-US] <Dishonor Elite> 11/12 ICC25 HM, 7-11 PM PST Tu/We/Th

    <Dishonor Elite>, is an end game raiding guild. The core of us have been playing together over 3 years and we take "hardcore" raiding goals and fit them into a 3 night raiding week. We have exceptional talent and leadership along with dedicated and skilled players who research encounters and are always prepared and strive to make this guild progress. Our overall goal is progression for the guild. As a guild we want to down bosses and see content. If you are only interested in gear this is not the place for you. We run an officer loot council which takes into consideration performance, attendance, upgrade value and value to the raid as a whole. Our leadership is also extremely experienced, dedicated and very talented in what they do. They demand only the best from the raid team as that is what they give every raid.

    We are looking for mature players who will be able to fill our raiding team and who can attend scheduled raids. We only want players that are skilled and dedicated as the current raid team. We expect you to know your class and role, and know how to properly research any and all information that you will need for your class and / or the raid encounter we are in. It is also important to have a good internet connection, DCs during boss encounters are not acceptable, and a working mic/headset. It is important to be able to communicate verbally in raids.

    As we know RL happens, it is important to attend most, if not all, scheduled raids as we can not grow stronger when people are not there. You would also risk losing your raid spot if it is a continuous issue.

    Raid Times: Tuesday - Thursday 7pm -11pm Server or PST.

    Classes we are looking for:

    Shadow Priest

    ICC 25 man (Normal) 12/12
    ICC 25 man (Heroic) 11/12
    ICC 10 man (Normal) 12/12
    ICC 10 man (Heroic) 11/12

    Please visit our site. www.dishonorelite.com for more information about us and what is expected of our raid members. If you have any questions you can drop a note to any of the officers.

    If your class is not listed above of specific classes we are looking for, do not be discouraged for we are always looking for new talented players. Please take the time to fill out the application to the best of your ability, for it is our first impression of you, remember you are here to impress us, not the other way around.
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