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Thread: [A - Sentinels] <Teneas Simium Meum> recruiting raiders! 8/12 ICC 25 HM

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    [A - Sentinels] <Teneas Simium Meum> recruiting raiders! 9/12 ICC 25 HM

    Teneas Simium Meum of Sentinels US is seeking under-appreciated healers, tanks, and dps of all shapes and sizes to fill out our ICC roster. If you can wiggle those magic fingers and make health bars go up, we want you! If you’re devoted to wreaking havoc on bosses with your awesome dps, we want you! If you don't mind being punched in the face by big monsters, we want you, too!

    Our raid needs at this time are as follows:

    Priests: Shadow
    Paladins: Holy
    Druids: Balance, Resto
    Shaman: Enhancement
    Warlock: Demo

    Those are our most pressing needs, but we'll consider apps from any exceptional player. Dual specs are most welcome and are encouraged.

    Our current progress is:

    9/12 ICC25 HM
    11/12 ICC10 HM
    12/12 ICC 25 Normal
    12/12 ICC 10 Normal

    25 man raids are our focus, and 10 man raiding is done on offnights.

    We raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 6 - 9 pm server (PST), and with such a small schedule, we expect our raiders to know their classes well, and be able to follow directions to maximize our time.

    We're a small, offbeat guild with a strong sense of humor, reflected on the front page of our guild site. As such, we only accept members over the age of 20. And, while we're a silly guild, we take our raiding seriously. Several of our members have completed the ICC 10 man drakes, as well as Ulduar hardmode drakes, or are just a couple of achievements shy, which we occasionally work on completing on our offnights.

    Community is also very important to us, and having patience and a good sense of humor is just as big a priority as amazing numbers. Also, we are a group of adults, and don't consider ourselves "family friendly". Please visit our website to get a feel for the guild sense of humor.

    If TSM sounds like the guild for you, we encourage you to visit our site at http://tsmguild.guildlaunch.com/ to get a feel for the atmosphere of the guild and fill out an application. Speak to Giavania, Zascha, Vichtenaar, Chameron, Padmavati, Solemnity, Helenn, Tahlir, or Gingerbread (recruitment officer) in game for more information!
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