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Thread: Assassination Rogue PVP Needs help

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    Assassination Rogue PVP Needs help

    I have just decided to play pvp on my rogue after not playing him for a while. i was wondering what is the best rotation.

    any help would be great.

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    There is no "rotation". But to simplify it: Mutilate for combo points, then Envenom. Repeat.

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    Muti, muti, muti, muti....muti. Here is where we victory: ENVENOM.

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    Pretty much What these guys said:Mutilate for combo points, Then Envenom, Although My opner is usually Cheap shot>Mutilate>Kidney Shot, then the normal rotation. But depending on what class I'm fighting I will use things like Kick and Disarm, Also its very useful against casters that dot you to use COS and Vanish to get another opener on them.

    Hope this helped you a bit.

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    On my rogue, I might do this different than other people, but there are different ways to open.

    Cheap shot - for melee classes, this stuns them for 4 seconds so you can get a mut off then kidney shot.
    Ambush - those who are low on health that you are sure you can take out quickly
    Gorrote - casters, it has a 3 second silence.

    When fighting melee classes, I have found out that best fighting them is cheap shot -> mut -> shiv -> shiv -> kidney shot -> cold blood + mut -> shiv -> env ~ if they arent dead by now -- blind -> clos (if you have dots) -> vanish -> ambush -> mut -> shiv -> env and they should be dead by then. (if they are out of a stun make sure you disarm them)

    For casters, gorrote (this is a silence as well as a dot) -> mut -> shiv -> shiv -> ks -> cb mut -> shiv -> env, since most casters are clothies, they should be dead by then. (make sure you kick all casts, especially warlocks, if they get a fear off on you, youre pretty much screwed)

    For anyone low on health ambush -> mut -> ks -> shiv -> cb mut -> env should be dead

    But thats my personal playstyle, if Im wrong please correct me.

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    i know this is a bit late but for any one else who comes through here looking my personal choice in rotation is from stealth cheapshoot Mutilate to 5cp then rupture Mutilate to 5cp again(they will become unstunned first but not for long) then kidneyshoot then Mutilate to 5cp and then Envenom.

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