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Thread: What Tier 10 to pick next? Set bonus usefullness?

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    What Tier 10 to pick next? Set bonus usefullness?

    I am a warrior tank considering going fort he 2pc T10 bonus but I am not
    sure about it. Less sure I am about the usability of 4pc T10 bonus.

    First her is my Armory link:

    I got the T10.25 legs (lvl 264, http://www.wowhead.com/item=51216 )
    dropped from Taravon lately but I am not comfortable to kick my Pillars of
    Migth out fort hem. Right? I would rather wait for the lvl 277 upgrade
    which is not to come early as I am not running 25-man heroic ICC 25 until
    As you can see I already have the T10 helm (
    http://www.wowhead.com/item=50848 ) which I got because nothing better
    dropped from ICC 10 where I am now in front of the LK.
    I am considering picking up the T10 shoulders
    next(http://www.wowhead.com/item=50846 ) as a replacement for my actual
    shoulders (http://www.wowhead.com/item=50003 ). Is that reasonable? Anyway
    I would wait for a badge from ICC 25 to upgrade before interchanging it
    with my actual shoulders.

    Frather down the road, would you consider upgrading to 4pc set? If yes
    when, only to 277 pieces or also for 264 pieces. In my opinion I would try
    to get the hands from Taravon ond buy the breast for frost emblems and do
    a upgrade, if to do so and leave the Pillars *of Migth untouched until
    something better drops from ICC25 heroic.
    What would you say? Is it worth the effort or should I better invest frost
    emblems in decent DPS gear?


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    Heroic version of the Boneguard Shoulders would be an easy upgrade if your guild has already downed LK Lootship is the easiest heroic mode by far. If your guild has not killed LK yet, the Sanctified Helm + Shoulders offer the best option to enable the 2 pc.

    I Hate the Tier Gloves and Chest tbh.

    I find my self using Sanctified Helm Shoulders Gloves Legs more and more often, for a threat set not really for the extra cooldown.

    Normally im running about with only the 264 set helm, Other options that i have access to offer more of what we need. Armor and Stam.
    As for the helm Heroic Ram's Skull would be a solid upgrade, again if your guild is doing heroic modes if not shoot for 264 t10 helm.
    If i had access to the 277 t10 pretty sure i would be wearing 4pc.

    First Few things i would consider highly upgrading for Icc and Rs
    Fevor of the Frostborn for : Juggernauts Vitality ( preferably heroic version) or the 60 frost Stam Trinket. I wont go into the aviodance vs EH discussion others have discussed it to death already. 30% buff + aviodance or 30% buff + more stam for the shortest short version, easy to see how the stam would win out.
    Glyph could be replaced as well with a stam trinket imo. Possibly the Sindragosa one, or Unidentifiable organ.

    So Chest and Legs leave them be for awhile. I know alot might rip my head off for this but the T10 legs at 264 arent all the bad, if you are wanting to up your Expertise or enable the set bonus for threat purposes. Wear pillars till ya get 277 t10 or even Heroic marrowgar Legging of lost hope.

    Chest only 2 real upgrades, 277 t10 and possibly the Rotface heroic Blightborne Warplate.

    So there is still alot you can upgrade Via Frost, and would do so if i were in your shoes.

    I do not have access to much heroic mode loot, but Besides one Ring, and wep with Blood draining I'm wearing my survival gear.

    http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...Llane&cn=Glorc Simply look at the Health difference, i have other sets for threat armor etc etc, but this is my general set.

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    Pillars of Might = Best in slot. T10 = weakest pants in this content teir, at any ilevel.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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