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Thread: Would you take me to ICC hard modes?

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    Would you take me to ICC hard modes?

    There are still a number of upgrades I would love to have. Boots, of course. Sindy's fang and the PP trink. The neck could be upgraded and I wonder about my second ring.

    I would also like to have the ramskull helm and the bone commanders pauldrons for max hp fights. At the moment, my access to any 25 man is very limited.

    I would also like to get the glove enchant changed but it seems leatherworkers on my server don't much care to AH those.

    Just looking for a general check on my toon.

    I also have the 10 man facelifter with mongoose that I use for farm bosses.

    DOH! You probably need my toon. Sifupally on jaedenar. Sorry, at work and on my iPhone via tapatalk so can't link it ATM.
    "he doens't need healing, he doesn't need healing, he doesn't nee-WHAOSHIT!wtf was that man!". Please stop leaning on TDR. -Teng

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    10 man you are more than ok, 25 man you should be fine for many of them. TBH you are about as geared as a few tank apps we have accepted that either backed out on us, or just were bad.....(wtb tank apps so I can sit for farm content every now and then!). However get rid of the hammer of the righteous glyph....its terrible, it should be used for one role in one fight and other than that has no place.

    Glove enchant-ask in trade there will be many of them who can make you one
    10 man facelifter-due to 100% uptime of LW proc LW with BD is a better threat weapon
    Boots- Get teh Boots of Kingly Upheaval crafted, or ensure you are running RS 10 weekly as it is easily puggable and drops some boots.

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