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Thread: Tanking @ 60

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    Tanking @ 60

    I've looked everywhere for good info, and so far I haven't turned up a lot. I started a DK with hopes of it being more fun than a pally, and me being a not so bad DPS when I get bored. Anyway, I literally can't find enough info to point me in the direction with DKs. I can't find proper specs, a good post was made on here but it's approximately over 9000 pages, but I tried to read as much as I could of it before I felt nothing was applying to me specifically. I was told to go frost by some page, so I gave it a shot but my tanking is a joke. So something is wrong. Here's my DK:

    I usually death grip in or run in and lay down a Desecration, Icy Touch, and then Plague Strike I think. By then things are out of hand, and I'm talking in the typical instances you'll find in the Outlands. So please, I ask for either links on exactly what I'm talking about, or from people who play the class. I know a lot has changed with DKs (or so I read) since 3.3, and I think I can tank I just can't find solid info on it since Blizz set this hybrid class up differently.

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    You are in Frost presence right?

    Can't remember what DK's have at your level, but you got Pestilance and/or Blood Boil?

    Once you get your disease's up, and use the above, the mobs should stick to you like glue.

    Anticipation and Endless Winter are two talents I would go for, but I have no experience with Frost tanking so somebody with more knowledge would be of more use to you, I prefer Blood.

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    move the 2 points from merciless combat into endless winter. merciless combat is kinda useless imo. from here onout the order of using your talent points should be fill out blade barrier then anticipation. after that for instancing i'd go with morbidity 3pts then 2H weapon specialization the bladed armor. that spec will last until you start raid tanking at which morbidity is really kind of wasted ( save for maybe dreamwalker) and you can use those 3 points just about anywhere else.
    as far as rotation, dg a caster to you drop dnd on top of you ( dont use dnd as a pulling tool, i've seen some throw dnd on top of an unaggroed mob and let the mobs come to them wasting and but maybe half a second of dnd) after that HB PS pestilence BB, from there keep up your diseases and blade barrier using pestilence, blood strike and BB, use OB as much as possible to proc rime. I like using power aura's to track rime and killing machine procs ( KM procs are called freezing fog for setting up power aura's). Use howling blast whenever KM or rime procs.
    Thats about all i can think of right now. hope it helps

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    I'm actually frost tanking at lvl 65 myself.

    Spec wise, I believe I used the 2-handed frost spec found on the DK guide listed here on Tankspot. I also use the single-disease "rotation" - makes things a lot easier and I'm holding aggro really now as opposed to blood which didn't work well for me. Plus wanted to see DK Frost tanking before Cata takes it away.

    Usually, I pull with HB (glyphed) which applies Frost Fever to everybody in range (Disease 1 applied and spread). Casters? Death Grip. Blood Boil and Frost Strike as I see fit, Obliterate when available. Now wait for Killing Spree to proc and hit Obliterate, HB or Frost Strike as necessary and lay down HB again if multiple mobs are up or Rime procs.

    Admittedly, I'm nowhere near the best DK tank. I'm still learning myself and it's an Alt that I play in my downtime - but I am having success with this method.

    If I may also add? 2 addons I've found have helped me tremendously.

    1. Eventalert - No setup necessary, it pops alerts on your screen when you proc Rime or Killing Spree.

    2. IceHUD - displays your health/runic power around your character in the middle of the screen. You get half/quarter health, time to start popping your cooldowns. Great indicator while learning the finer points of DK tanking in general. Helped me a lot as being a prot paladin, cooldown management has never been something I've had to deal with in order to survive. Now I'm more in control and I don't get b*tched at by my healers before the rage quit on me because I'm a fail DK tank.

    Hope this helps!

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    Tanking @ 60

    I would also recommend a pair of addons that work together.
    Tidy plates
    Tidy plates:threat plates

    Those two together make it much easier to see what you don't have aggro on.
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