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eww bad no bad no shield block macro.

You need to be able to use shield block when you need it, not on every cooldown. Since it is both a great offensive cooldown and a great defensive cooldown you need to save it for when you need it for one of those two situations.
I agree, my suggestions were for maximizing tps.

If you don't already, watch your threat meter and see if the druid just jumps ahead of you, which indicate a taunt, or steadily climbs to the point he overtakes your threat. Bears tend toward really high sustained threat over time and not initial burst threat unless they beserk on the pull which IIRC they want to wait until they are into their rotation before using beserk for max sustained tps.

I am a big advocate of tanks producing the most dps they are capable of as long as it does not sacrifice their tps or survivability. So if the druid is just naturally out threating you over time talk to him and explain why it is best for you to be able to revenge while tanking and like it has been suggested put vig on him.

If you don't have a disc priest, I assume no BoSanc since three tanks in ICC 10 is well......the druid will also get the most out of the 3% damage reduction.