Hello all. Hope everyone is doing well.

My current gear setup looks like so.


I recently replaced my 1 1/2 yr old shield (Crest of Lordaeron anyone? ) after a string of bad luck with drops, as well as recently crafted the pillars. I currently am 12/12 ICC10 normal, 3/12 ICC10 HM, and 11/12 ICC25, with regular weekly raids in both. While getting the Pillars of Might, I almost zeroed out my frost emblems, and am now working to get them back.

I was hoping people had some advice on what to go for next?

PS. I do know that the gloves aren't enchanted and the chest is so badly enchanted it may as well not be. Some guildies gave me some cheap Borean Armor Kits as a sign to get them chanted. I will be doing those with +275hp/+40sta enchants respectively when I get the cash.