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Thread: ele shammy confused

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    ele shammy confused

    hey i have got a few bits for icc and hc icc and got a 5800 gs and my dps is kinda low compared to the others is it cos i am doing something wrong gear or gem wise?

    my enchants are right i think

    im using FS>LvB>lb

    i don't know if i should use cl or not some people say yes some say no any ideas


    ive seen other shammys dps tests on youtube and i dont see much of a difference in stats and they are doing like 8k on the dummys and im only doing like 6

    is haste > than crit?
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    I'll take this one.

    Shamanananan, your immediate problem is your haste.

    Allow me to do the math for you.

    For an Elemental Shaman, until you reach around 1270 base haste, Haste = Spell Power.

    That means 1 point of haste will be the same value as 1 point of Spellpower.

    Crit is worth about 0.5 points per point of haste or SP in terms of importance.

    1 Haste = 1 SP = 2 Crit

    With that said, let's discuss your gems.

    As an Elemenatal Shaman, there are only three gems you'll ever use outside of your Meta if you're at hit% cap.

    All Red Slots = ALWAYS +23 Spellpower (Runed Cardinal Ruby)
    All Yellow Slots = ALWAYS +12SP - 10 Haste (Reckless Ametrine)
    2 Blue Slots for Meta reqs (Preferably on a piece of gear with + 7-9 SP slot bonus)= ALWAYS +12SP - 13 Spell Pen (Mysterious Dreadstone)

    Never under any circumstance use any other gem as Elemental (including Nightmare Tear), unless you're gemming for hit% to reach your Hit % cap.

    As an Orc, you need a minimum of 11% hit rating, and currently you're at 10.29%. Which means for now you should place a Veiled Ametrine (+12 SP - 10 Hit) in some Orange slots to hit the magic number of 11%. Only Draenei can get away with 10% using Heroic Presence in a 25-man environment.

    You need to immediately ditch ALL of those useless SP + Crit gems right away and replace them with SP+haste. Also, get rid of the SP + MP5 on your blue slots. Get the SP + Spell Pen I told you about in case you want to drop into a little PvP on the side, and reduce certain bosses with 20 spell resistance (which is presumed max) to 0% spell resistance.

    Allow me to give you an example:

    Lightning-Infused Leggings
    -Red Slot
    -Yellow Slot
    -Blue Slot
    +9 Spell Power Slot Bonus

    Rather than giving exact DPS, what we will do is calculate priority based off of "EFFECTIVE POINTS" using the system 1SP=1HASTE=2CRIT. Point values for these items are thus: If under hit cap, as you are: Hit (3 point value), Spell Power (1 point value), Haste (1 point value), Crit (0.5 point value).

    Currently, you have:
    +12Sp + 10Crit
    +12SP + 10Crit
    +10Hit + Mp5

    For our calculation, however, we're going to assume you've reached hit cap from other items and we'll change that last gem to SP rather than Hit.

    Changing blue gem:
    +12Sp + 10Crit
    +12SP + 10Crit
    +10SP + Mp5

    Your effective points on these leggings are:

    +12 points for Spell Power, +5 points for Crit
    *** (Red Slot Total) +17 points
    +12 points for Spell Power, +5 points for Crit
    *** (Yellow Slot Total) +17 points
    +12 points for Spell Power, No Points for Mp5
    *** (Blue Slot Total) +12 points

    Total Gem Value (EFFECTIVE POINTS): 46 EP

    Now, this is bad news, because your Blue Slot is currently giving you the most benefit on your item, and only because you're not at your hit% cap yet. Your Blue Slots should never, under any circumstance, give you your greatest benefit. If you were at hit cap, your Blue Slot would be giving you 12 Effective Points for Spell Power.

    Now, let's change the gems to their proper placement:

    The ideal arrangement would be thus:

    You SHOULD have:
    +23 Spell Power
    +12 Sp Power + 10 Haste Rating (Or Hit Rating if not Hit capped)
    +12 Sp Power + 13 Spell Pen

    Your effective points on these leggings are:

    +23 points for Spell Power
    *** (Red Slot Total) +23 points
    +12 points for Spell Power, +10 Points for Hit
    *** (Yellow Slot Total) +22 points
    +12 Points for Spell Power, +6.5 Points Spell Pen (situational, so we'll give it half value)
    *** (Blue Slot Total) +12 points

    Total Gem Value (EFFECTIVE POINTS): 63.5 EP

    Notice, you get 17.5 more EFFECTIVE POINTS, just swapping the gems around a little; and that is not taking into account how much less useful Crit % is after surpassing 30% base crit on an Ele Shaman if you haven't reached 1270 base haste yet. Real-time EP increase using these new gems is probably more like 25+ in gains with as much crit as you have, and as little haste, because Crit% gets progressively less useful the more you get beyond 30% (perhaps .25 EP per point) as opposed to SP or Haste. Also, Haste starts becoming similarly less useful after reaching 1270 base haste, which won't happen until much higher gear sets. At that point, Spell Power takes an advanced lead--becoming more than twice as valueable than haste, and it is only at this point crit starts outweighing haste.

    Now, once you finish fixing your gem with the right gems, you will see an incredible difference. My Elemental Shaman is pulling regularly 16K+ DPS in ICC with the internal ICC buff. It is all about equalizing Spell Power and Haste. I learned the hard way awhile back, and my mistake was stacking +23 SP gems and ignoring slot bonuses--not realizing SP=Haste at the time. It was just something I was use to when I geared my tank out in +30 stam gems--elemental shaman is just not the same.

    Next, replace your Glyph of Flame shock IMMEDIATELY with Glyph of Lava Burst.

    Flame Shock Glyph was made useless a few patches ago.

    As for your rotation, here are the rules:

    Only use Chain Lightning if you have less than 990 haste at a given time.

    Above 990 haste, Chain Lightning is a DPS decrease unless 2+ mobs are present.

    Also, take 2 points out of Convection and place them into Improved Fire Nova. This spell has been made very effective since made into a spell rather than a totem. In AOE sitations, you'll get a significant DPS Boost. Fire Nova should be worked into your rotation anytime there are 2+ mobs present, and only if you put the 2 points into it as stated aboved. Remember, the totem of wrath must be placed near the mobs in order for Fire Nova to be effective.

    Next, even though you lose Spell Power from your Totem of Wrath when you summon a Fire Elemental, the Fire Elemental is a DPS increase in every situation except when Heroism is up. If Heroism is up on a single target fight, your regular rotation will be greater DPS than your Fire Elemental. Use your Fire Elemental every chance you get, just be sure to refresh Totem of Wrath when it expires or dies.

    Now, your basic rotation will be:

    Lightning Bolt x 2 to start off
    Flame Shock
    Lava Burst
    Now, cast Lightning Bolts until it is time to reapply Flame Shock and Lava Burst, then repeat.

    I personally do NOT use the 4pc set bonus, as I found it is a significant DPS LOSS when you have more than 1100 base haste. My guess is because of movement, and the timing at which the Flame Shock finally falls off in relation to how fast Lightning Bolts are cast at higher haste levels. Nonetheless, if you use it, you can take a couple flame shocks out of the rotation. I have even found without Lava Burst Glyphed, Lava Burst ends up being a DPS loss after 1100 base haste unbuffed in a fully buffed and trinket/totem proccing raid environment.

    Another thing you need to work on is maxing your Jewelcrafting profession so you can add increased Spell Power gems to your red slots (put on in your belt buckle slot, and another in your Blue Gem Slot in your Ring since you're not using the gem bonus anyhow.

    Other things of concern:

    Get rid of the Armor Penetration Trinket. That is useless for you, and replace it with the Hit trinket from Frost Badges so you can get the hit % off your items until you accumulate your BiS items (Best in Slots). Also, upgrade your Totem with the 264 one from Frost right away.

    By getting the Hit Trinket, you can effective get rid of that useless staff, and start using a SP dagger from ICC with either a shield from Marrowgar or Faction Champs, or even the Offhand from Deathwhisper.

    Additionally, the Hit trinket has a powerful spell power /use on it.

    My last advice is use MACROS! Make them and use them!

    Put Elemental Mastery and your hit trinket's /use ability in a Lava Burst macro so you can forget them, and they are used every time they are up.

    For example:

    #showtooltip Lava Burst
    /cast Lava Burst
    /cast Elemental Mastery
    /cast Maghia's Misguided Quill

    With that macro, your CD items are cast every cooldown without you even thinking about them every time you activate Lava Burst. This DPS boost is huge in long boss fights lasting beyond your CD timers, and give you incredible burst at the beginning of any fight.

    I personally use a cast sequence in my macro:

    #showtooltip Lava Burst
    /castsequence reset=combat Flame Shock, Lava Burst
    /cast Elemental Mastery
    /cast Maghia's Misguided Quill

    The reason for this is so you can take all four of these and place them into one button, and cast them without thinking. If you use this cast sequence version, though, make sure to keep a Flame Shock only button ready in case Flame Shock is not on the target. You don't want Lava Burst hitting out of sequence and not being a crit.

    This situation can occur if a target dies that you just applied Flame Shock to before you get Lava Burst off. The way to avoid that is to not hit the macro at all when a mob is about to die, and simply spam Lightning Bolt instead, and reapply the macro on a fresh target so the cast sequence is not disturbed.

    I hope this guide helps you and any other which reads it. Now, go DPS the right way--informed!

    Dovii - Emerald Dream

    Every little bit helps, and once you're done fine-tuning and tweaking your character, you will more than double your effective DPS using the current gear you now have.
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    Dude you are a Shaman god I couldn't have put it anywhere near as good as that. Three thumbs up!

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    I am glad the guide was helpful for you.

    I might convert the information into an actual guide someday, along with another one regarding Beast Hunters and Raiding. I found out a way to make that spec work wonders and even surpass Survival and hang with Marks.

    If you ever have any questions, feel free to let me know.

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    Well that looked pretty comprehensive though I don't have time to read it all - only thing I'd add is that Spell Penetration doesn't work on the base resistance a boss gets for being higher level than you, so Glowing Dreadstone (12SP, 15 Stam) is a viable alternative for your 2 blue gems if you don't PvP.

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    Not too sure about that. I've read Wiki where it states Spell Pen does not reduce the boss 15 spell resist from being 3 levels higher, but I have also read a post by a blue on the warcraft forums that stated "some" bosses have extra resistances (no higher than 20 in any given situation), which are in fact reduced by spell penetration to 0, but cannot be reduced to a negative value--which makes using the two gems worthwhile in certain situations (26 spell pen, reducing those particular bosses to 0).

    He did not say, however, which bosses it was, or if it was even bosses in WOTLK, so I have no way of clarifying that as valid.

    I'm a min/max kinda of guy though, and with two PvE specs, I decided (for me), if anything, it would at least be useful for my rare occasions in PvP at least, and hope for chance in PvE.

    But yes, you're right, the stam versions are definitely alternatives if Spell Pen isn't quite convincing.

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