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Thread: Rising G.S. Min? + Min G.S. to start raiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bashal View Post
    For jerks, anything can be made into a justification.
    That's the sad truth of the matter. The problem isn't the addon or someone inspecting. The problem is the person using that information and manipulating it to whatever end they want.

    Gearscore doesn't make a person an jerk. They were an jerk before that. The addon just gives them one new thing to be an jerk about. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? That's a much harder mystery. Anyone who has been around in WoW for a while knows that people were jerks prior to gearscore.

    Sadly, there is no addon in the world that can change a jerk into someone that isn't. No matter how good of a programmer you are, you can't fix the user.
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    Rising G.S. Min? + Min G.S. to start raiding.

    I also love how so many gs haters become gs elitists once they have some gear. A prot pally on my realm was 4600 and failed tanking VoA and was putting down those who criticized his gs. He now sits at 5067 or so and starts pugs "5.5 gs min". He doesn't even meet his own standards and will not reply to a 4964 response. I hate putz's like that.
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    Oh, hello gearscore discussion, I do believe you are not wanted here.


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