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Thread: Bear Gear Advice

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    Bear Gear Advice

    Hey all, been watching videos on tankspot for a while and now that I'm looking to tank at a higher level I thought I'd come to the forums for some advice
    I've read various guides and have a fairly solid understanding of my class however I have a dilemma.
    Now Expertise is a key stat for feral druids however I've found that as my gears improved, there's less and less of it on pieces I aquire, I've thought about replacing most of my gems for Guardians Dreadstone however with such a great loss of stamina I'm not sure if its worth it?
    On top of that any advice about my gear (In regards to enchanting, gemming, spec and even aquisitions) would be great.


    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Sorry, I forgot to add. Currently I'm focusing on ICC 10/25 (Done around 8 bosses so far)
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    looks like you logged in your balance set

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    Before you go switching all your gems, read this first.


    Now, you being a bear gives you a little more advantage over plate tanks as far as expertise goes. There's hardly any plate gear in ICC with it, but bears can use the sack of wonder from 25 gunship (boe too) and the crafted 264 boots, both of which have pretty hefty chunks of expertise and should more than take care of any expertise you would need (not that you need it anyway, but those 2 pieces are near BiS for bears anyway so why not take them and get the expertise as a bonus).

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