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Thread: Very weird error in PitBull4 after a character transfer

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    Very weird error in PitBull4 after a character transfer

    Hey Tankspot, I'm hoping someone here knows how to deal with this. I've run into a bizarre error with PitBull4. I just transferred my toon to another server to guild with some friends, but when I try opening the profile options for that toon in PitBull4, WoW locks up.

    It's only on that toon, and this is after deleting the Interface, Cache and WTF folders. I thought at first that it was because I had 2 profiles with the same name.

    Is there anywhere else PitBull could be "hiding" info that could cause something like this?

    Thanks for any help you can offer here. I'm vexed and pitbull-less and it sucks.

    Edit #1: I just sent Shefki and email--maybe one of the addon authors will have some ideas. They'll probably want to know about this anyway. :/

    Edit #2: Oh, man, this just keeps getting weirder. If I manage to leave the profile tab, everything goes back to normal. This is NUTS. O_O At least I can avoid the issue.
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