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Thread: Fury advice requested

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    Fury advice requested

    Hello guys.

    I need some advice in how to improve my DPS. I have some logs here : http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-1i2zn7fiut6h2689/

    My armory is here : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...tar&cn=Quendan

    Now, I know that Im way over hitcap. But how can I improve my DPS, is my rotations right?, is my spec okay?, do I need to take point in precision? - What can I do to improve?. Atm Im using Rawr. Im just sitting with a feeling that I can do more DPS that I am a this point. Just wanna to improve my self, like anybody else, who love to raid :-)

    Looking forward to hear from you guys.

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    Well you already know your over the hitcap but your so much over the hit cap it really has to hurt your dps. You should definetly get the T10 chest and replace T10 gloves with the Gatecrusher's Gauntlets. Try getting your hands on Shadow's Edge to further reduce hit rating, but if you don't have the money for that, I would suggest replacing one Cryptmaker for a Ramaldis Blade which would enable to you to loose some expertise gems (Can't say for sure about Ramaldis without running it through a spreadsheet).

    Looking at logs your Heroic Strike damage seems a little low so try spamming that more. You also seem to do too few Whirlwinds so try prioritizing that more. You need to get Whirlwind on cooldown as fast as possible.

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    Moved to HALP! since this is more of a personal armory lookup than gear dps discussion.

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    Have excel 97 or newer and download the spreadsheet for accurate answers on your gear.

    Can those of us with extensive experience playing fury and using the spreadsheet make an educated guess and offer suggestions? Sure we can but none of us will know it was the right thing to do unless we: A. put in the spreadsheet or B. wore the same exact gear at one point and put into the spreadsheet.

    Speaking of which I did download your armory profile into the spreadsheet and if you have two Crytpmakers put the other back on and gem for the exp. Gemming for exp is not a bad thing for warriors but you should avoid having to gem for all that you need.

    I looked at your logs, specifically Festergut since that is a fight you should be able to stand still and dps (you may have to run a spore out to the ranged group but you get the idea)

    Festergut fight duration 252 secoonds

    Bloodthirsts: possible 63 actual 52

    Whirlwinds: possible 31 actual 27

    Bloodsurge: procs 24 slams 24 (either you have no latency and the reaction time of a god or you clipped the global and missed several bts refer to above)

    So dps that could have theoretically been gained from cleaning up your rotation on that fight approximately:

    398 from BT and 209 from WW for a total of 607 dps gain from cleaning up your rotation.

    Now for Heroic Strike

    It seems as if you have should have been able to perform Heroic Strike more often but I wasn't standing over your shoulder during the fight to see if you spammed it too much and rage starved your self, did not spam it enough and rage capped your self, or did it just right. But taking into account that you take unavoidable damage the entire fight rage should be a non issue and you should be able to spam heroic strike the entire time, but that is something only you can answer.

    You use an indestructible pot but not a potion of speed. If you are using the indestructible after combat starts start using it right before and a potion of speed during Heroism/Bloodlust.

    If your tank is getting misdirect and tricks on the pull, as they should, you should be safe to reck and deathwish on the pull and then DW again during heroism if you aren't doing this already.

    TLDR: Download the spreadsheet and learn to use it, make sure your rotation is BT, WW, BT, BT, WW, BT, BT, use Heroic Strike as often as possible without rage starving yourself, and do not sacrifice BT to use a bloodsurge proc since BT is your highest dps ability. Make sure you use your indestructible pot right before combat starts and a potion of speed during heroism. Reck and DW on the pull if your tank is getting Misdirect and Tricks on the pull then DW again during heroism.
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    Hello guys ..

    Thanks very much for your replys. I have been messing around with this Spreadsheet of Landsoul's. Regem my Crytpmaker, and replease my neck with Collar of Haughty Disdain. ATM my hitrating is "only" 364. But I think the best gear setup is what I have on now. Ramaldis Blade was a DPS loss in the Spreadsheet. I`ll try and be more focus on my DPS rotation tonight in ICC aswell.

    Thanks very much for the help from you guys.

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