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Thread: Redefined's EHP Calculator Alpha

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    Redefined's EHP Calculator Alpha

    I am not sure if this has been done before but I have long been dabbling with the idea of dumbing down EHP with a spreadsheet for quick reference and item comparison. Now this is not a Landsoul type spreadsheet as I am worlds away from his Excel master but it will be a simple mathematical tool for quick information input and recovery.

    Now when I say this is Alpha, I am not joking. It is very simple and is currently only functional for Warriors and Dekes. Furthermore it only calculates Physical EHP (I have not showered enough times yet to figure out how to do it Magical as well.

    How It Works

    It could not get simpler. It is currently full of sample information. You go in and input your Stamina for the Base Stam value and your Class Number for the Class # value. Druids are 1, Warriors 2, Dekes 3, Paladins 4. It automatically figures out which modifiers apply to your equations. Then you move on to the Buffs section where you set which buffs are currently on your character by True (1) and False (0) values. Currently only the most basic of buffs are in there.

    Red values are constants and are not to be altered

    Green values are formulas and should not be altered unless you have a specific purpose in mind.

    Yellow values are where your input is required.

    Grey values are unused spaces.

    Why I Am Doing This

    This is a way for me to familiarize myself with the EHP model. I believe that in Cataclysm tanks are going to have to strike a much sharper balance between EHP and Avoidance and I want to get used to the model and then transplant it to a much more finalized spreadsheet intended to work with the Cataclysm model. Said spreadsheet can then be coupled with an Avoidance spreadsheet for quick tank reference.

    What I Need
    • I have next to no familiriarity with Druid and Paladin tank models so any information would be helpful. Mostly I need damage reduction modifiers.
    • Suggestions. What other buffs should go in there? What other stats? Design suggestions?
    • Feedback and Mistakes. As this thing gets more finalized and complicated I am sure some will pop up, if they have not already.
    • Criticism.
    • Any other helpful information.
    What Is To Come
    • Fixing Druids and Paladins.
    • Adding of other Health related buffs such as Flasks, Fish Feasts.
    • Adding situational buffs such as Shield Wall and IBF for more precise calcuations.
    Once again, I looked around but I did not see an EHP spreadsheet and I apologize if I am stealing someone else's thunder.

    EHP Alpha 0.1.xls

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    UPDATE. v.0.2?
    • Added other buffs likely to be present in a raid such as Flask and Fish Feast.
    • Added Shield Wall and IceBound Fortitude Buff equations for specific EHP calculations while those are active.
    • Added two separate sections, one for DK Vampiric Blood and one for Warrior Last Stand for precise EHP calculations with those skills active.
    • Fixed a couple of calculation bugs, like an attempted division by 0 in some of the Druid modifiers.
    Still looking for some Paladin/Druid input as to specific damage reductions and also any other suggestions/help/feedback.

    Also I am starting to doubt that a true simulation of EHP with MEH included can be accomplished through a spreadsheet. Meaning that separate equations would have to be created for every individual bossfight to distinguish between percentages of Magic and Physical intake. Any spreadsheet that does that sounds unwieldy and very situational in its usage. More thought on that to come though.

    EHP Alpha 0.2.xls

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    few quickie notes (ver 0.2)

    -Fortitude should probably also include the Improved talent - or at least the option to.
    -Warrior EH calculations with LS and flask: It looks like you did the Last Stand part correctly (EH * 1.3) but the flask part incorrectly. The flask will also get the benefits of Last Stand, it looks like you simply added 1300 EHP to the LS number instead of adding the EH of the flask multiplied by the Last Stand bonus.
    (Cell F3 * 1.3) -- instead of ((Cell B18 * 1.3) + 1300)

    Edit wrong cells

    Edit #2 - also looks like you're using unglyphed Shield Wall as the only option. Could either straight up change to glyphed version (most Prot Warriors will have this anyway, or give the choice, or at least put in a disclaimer that this is for the non-glyphed version.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll put them in with the 0.3 version of the spreadhseet that I am doing today, as well as some other features I thought of.

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    It has been done many times before, but nothing is hurt by doing it again, and if the process is done transparently it could be a fun way to learn for folks not familiar with the math.
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    Who f-ing divided by zero?!?

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