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Thread: gear check for WOTLK raiding....

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    gear check for WOTLK raiding....

    Hello all,

    I am having the hardest time getting invited to raids. They all seem to care about nothing but GS... mine is 4700. even when trying to go to ICC10 or Uld 25 I get booted immediately... according to i am more than qualified as a tank for these but the reasoning I am getting is that if you am not 5500 I need not apply to tank... well the only issue now is that the gear that will get me there (as far as I have found) is dropped in said raids. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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    You have brilliant gear for raiding, try to get the 1h mace in icc10 off marrowgar that wil get your gs + hp up and dodge, parry ect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyndesyte View Post
    ...the reasoning I am getting is that if you am not 5500 I need not apply to tank...
    That conundrum has come up before. The problem comes from the lateness of the expansion. People generally aren't looking for an entry-level ICC tank; they want one that's already geared, knows fights, etc.

    If you can find a newer guild that is just starting up, maybe looking to practice a bit in ICC and then go full-bore after cata hits, they'd be much more likely to take you in and let you do your thing.

    You can also go after any upgrades available from earlier content, like toc25, or acquiring ilvl264 craftables/BoEs that you don't have yet. That should "easily" (note the quotes) get you at around 5500 GS.

    So, you have some options! Pick the one that suits you best.


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