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Thread: Blood AoE Threat

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    Blood AoE Threat

    Ok I need help, I keep juggling my DK's Tank spec from Blood to Frost and vice versa all due to AoE threat. My problem is that I can't hold aoe threat that well as blood and my single target threat suffers as frost. I see many blood tanks holding good aoe threat vry well and im just wondering what the secret is. Cany anyone help me?

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    What's your rotation like? Are you making sure to keep both diseases up on both targets with as close to 100% uptime as possible? Are you burning off B runes on Blood Boil? Are you opening up with DnD?

    Also you really should have Epidemic as Blood.

    On a final note, you can try replacing Glyph of Plague Strike with Glyph of DnD or Glyph of Death Strike, both of which are more optimal for Blood tanking IMO.

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    This is the appropriate location for a thread like this: http://www.tankspot.com/forumdisplay...-I-need-advice

    And to answer your question:

    Compared to Frost, Blood ramps up a little more slowly, particularly without the 2 pc t10 set bonus. But there is no great secret. Drop DnD making sure everything is collected on it, IT/PS and Pest your diseases on everything. If you are really worried about speeding that up, you can IT as you run and only spread the one, that will get everything slowed on attack speed, and fully buff BB (only takes one disease). From here on you want to DS FU pairs and use BB liberally. The one downside to trying to spread a single disease is that it will leave you with a split FU pair and an awkward application and spread later because you will want to end up with both diseases on your targets.

    The advanced technique for smarter AoE threat is to get good with target selection and support your DnD with swapping single targets and a mix of HS instead of just BB. If you watch the targets' health bars, you will notice some may go down faster than others; these will be the targets who are getting focused attention or some lucky crits and will require more of your attention to hold. The frequent RS procs can be put to good use by just switching your target without even necessarily doing much else. If you get comfortable enough with this, you will even start being able to predict what will need your attention before it is obvious. People can be fairly predictable.

    If you find you have a group that is just picking random targets to kill, you can mark a skull to get their fixated attention (I recommend keybinding). Often with the random targeting you can still predict what they will attack because it will be the closest thing to them, the target that pops up when they hit Tab.

    For the sake of threat, I would agree with Redefined, DS will suit you far better than PS, and DnD will do much better than IT, for your glyphs.
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    Another small suggestion in case you are having problems applying diseases to multiple targets or keeping them up.

    Try using this macro.

    /castsequence reset=combat/target/6 Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Pestilence
    /startattack [harm]

    It is a three cast sequence on one button that casts IT on the first click, PS on the second click and spreads the diseases with Pestilence on the third click. It resets to the first cast either when you switch targets of after 6 seconds. This, combined with a mod that tracks your disease durations on mobs should make it much easier to increase the uptime of your diseases on targets.

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    Thanks for all the reply guys, Im gonna try these suggestions and post up my findings.

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