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Thread: Rawr configuration & Upgrades in general

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    Rawr configuration & Upgrades in general

    Hi everyone, in advance, I'm sorry if something similar to this has been poster previously but I've spent a few hours searching around for an answer to my question without result.

    I'm just getting back into the game after a longer pause and I'm partially getting up to speed on some of the interesting changes to Warriors, but I'm also somewhat lost among all the new easy to access gear thats out there.

    Mainly I've understood that there isn't really a good Prot warrior spreadsheet with gear suggestions or such (I know not to follow this blindly, but it usually gives a good guideline) so I've downloaded Rawr and I've been playing around with it for a while and the Optimize stuff is interesting but...

    Question 1
    The different options that I can optimize for, I understand some of them, but what in fact do they mean? Burst? etc. How should i be configuring Rawr to give me a output that is more usefull than just choosing one of the options randomly?

    Question 2
    Secondly, I've looked at the upgrade and gearing guides, and I'm kinda feeling that I've fallen between them. Is there a good guide that I've missed with some suggestions if you are mid-geared? (Have some ulduar 10 gear and 1-2 totc items, or how do you suggest i configure Rawr to give me a list of ideas for where to Improve my gear? A more comprehensive list than just the BiS stuff would have been nice i guess =)

    Other than that, have a great day, and if you got this far, thanks for having the patience to read through my post!

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    I'm sorry to say I've never actually used Rawr and thus can't answer your question about it.

    However, I can give you a general way to gear up - the more stamina and armor the item has, generally, the better the item for you. You don't really need spreadsheets for that. That's a very general rule, but that's how EH works.

    As for warriors, I don't know on what level you're gearing so here's the steps as I see them:

    1st you'd like to start with 5 man normal / HC gear / Cheap crafted saronite gear. [For example, Black Heart is one of the best trinkets you can put your hands on till a certain stage in game, and it drops off 5 man normal ToC.]

    Once you get your hands on that, you can start grinding random heroics for Thriumphs. Those should get you T9 quite fast, along with some off pieces to gear yourself decently. Gear of equal level can be bought as BoE items off the AH [Ilevel 232] and drop in ToC 10/OS 25/Onixia 10.

    Having full t9 with off set pieces should make you ready tanking ICC 10, maybe even a bit before that.

    The next step is Ilevel 245 - ToC 25/Onixia 25 mostly, but many people choose to skip this part partly becouse it's hard to get ToC 25 going nowdays, and partly coz they prefer to jump to better eqp that drops in ICC.

    ICC also scales quite simply - ICC 10 gear is the lowest on your want list, ICC 10 HC and ICC 25 are quite equal, and ICC 25 HC are the best. There are 2 crafted items that count as ICC 25 drops - The pillars of might [Legs, BiS for a very long while] and Boots of kingly upheaval [Which are nice to have if you can afford, but can be replaced by the boots in RS 10 and ICC 25 quite equally and prolly be left for people having too much gold.]

    The gear there is really simple to decide if it's an upgrade or not - basicly, you almost never have an instance drop gear with same Ilevel and diffrent stats. The few cases that this happens tho, you should be thinking of how your personal char needs to gear up - for example, I've got both the neck from ICC 10 1st boss and the neck from ToC 10 HC. They're similar in the amount of stamina they give - but one has hit, while the other has dodge. Depending on the rest of my gear and the state of my current hit % I'll decide which one to use.

    Lastly, as I see it, the only place where you might have trouble deciding if a certain part of gear is an upgrade or not, is when you hit the set bonuses or procs of certain weapons. [T10.5 bonus Vs. slightly better gear off ICC 25 and last word vs. facelifter and other ICC weapons]. I think this is more of a personal choice - I prefer having the T10.5 4/5 set bonus as it gives me another minor CD, while I know another tank who claims he prefers to have the 1-1,5k extra hp he gets with ICC 25 gear. About last word weapon, it was decided on the forums it's not worth having over normal tanking weapons, but I guess that's a personal choice aswell.


    P.S. You might want to take a look here, even tho I tend to disagree with them quite often about which item is better over which - www.maxdps.com .

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    I don't use Rawr too often but one thing I know is that you can set it to "mitigation mode" which configures it so you can balance EH and mitigation with a threat scale. It's can be a handy tool sometimes to check out gear stats and optimize a stat but usually it isn't optimal and has some room to improve, hopefully it's tanking functionality will increase through updates and Rawr 3.

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    First, what is your goal? Gearing choices will be largely dependent on your goal.

    ICC 10 man with some 25 pugs? ICC 25 HM? The optimal upgrade path is going to be different depending on what you are looking to do (thought not much, mostly which items represent the best option for your target, e.g. if you're going to run ICC10 only, then Cataclysmic Chestguard and Kraken Gauntlets represent BiS by a wide margin but if your target is 25H then you'll be looking to hit 277 Tier Chest/Hands).
    An introduction into WarTanking (no longer updated as I've retired from WoW - the concepts will still be mostly accurate but the numbers no longer will be.) - http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...101-The-Primer

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    I found RAWR a really useful tool for considering gear sets and possible upgrades, but I don't follow it's rankings mechanically. The most useful aspect of it over, say, maxdps is that it allows you to consider your gear as a set and thus easily check things like uncrittability under various alternatives. One problem with the rankings is that they seem to value what it calls "mitigation" (specifically the avoidance part) too highly relative to "survivability". Going to options and turning mitigation down to 0.7 or 0.8 will tend to get you closer to how most ICC tanks gem. I would also lower threat down - perhaps even to zero (I tend to look at threat issues separately, e.g. designing a threat set to get close to hit and expertise caps).

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    Thanks for the replies.

    So my goal is pretty much ICC10 probably, Maybe some icc25 pugging and possibly some ruby sanctum 10, who knows.. I play with a few friends that do ICC10 raids at the moment and I don't see them moving up to 25 man stuff..

    I'll have a look at the slider setting you recommended as well. I know rawr is not dead on, but its nice to have a tool to get some suggestions from and so since it gives some idea of where i might want to go to get the upgrades i need. Just would be nie if it could gem in a more "sane" manner and so.

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    Dude i started with 10 man and i every now and again do 25 mans when i feel like it. My gear has gotten quite good over time. Keep slogging away and farming gold. Good luck on it broski.

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