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Thread: Tanking Weapon Choice

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    Tanking Weapon Choice

    So a couple threads have popped up lately which have me wondering.

    Do most tanks here use the fast traditional "tank" weapons like Bonebreaker Scepter.


    Or do you generally use a "dps" weapon like Frost Giant's Cleaver?


    Or do you swap them out depending on the fight?
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    mostly the faster weapons for warriors because of HS usage, but it does change based on the fight. I can't speak for paladins or dw dks (if they still exist out there).

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    Pallies and Warriors are designed to use fast "tank" weapons.

    Paladins do get a bit more from slower weapons because of the way our seals work, but you should largely be choosing your weapons based on survival stats not weapon speed. I do carry around a slow DPS weapon (Gutbuster) just in case, but have never needed to use it and largely just use it for roflstomping 5-mans or old content.

    And like Kaz said, Warriors want a fast weapon for more frequent Heroic Strikes. I assume from your name that you're a Tauren Warrior, so use a fast weapon.

    DK's used to be fail for tanking with fast weapons, but I don't know if that's true anymore with the Icy Touch buff. Not an expert on DK's.

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    Pally is very diff to warrior when it comes to threat the slow weapon is much better its a little slow 2.6 is the optimum speed for a pally


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    Last I heard, the sheer power of 2.6 speed weapon devastates outweighed any HS gains.

    For paladins, it's marginally better to use a slower speed weapon, I never bothered with it. I may swap one of these days, though - I'm getting bored of Last Word.
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    From a purely survival point of view, a fast tanking weapon will almost always provide better stats.

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