luff and Blood

Progression: 10M/25m ICC 10/12 recruiting to build a 25 man core group.

Loot: We distribute loot with "Loot Council" where loot is decided according to your performance and attendance. Low attendance % = no priority on loot.

Guild Website:

Raid Times: 7pm-11pm MST Fridays/Saturdays/Sunday afternoon is needed

Currently Recruiting For our 25 man Core
- 1 Boomkin
- 1 Fury Warriors
- 1 Rogues
- 1 Feral DPS Druid
- 1 Warrior Tank
- 1 Shaman Heals
- 1 Druid Heals

Others are welcome to apply.

Fluff and Blood is a progression oriented 10man guild looking for dedicated raiders for 25 man ICC.
Interested in joining? Apply online at: Register then post an application in the recruiting section. Feel free to contact me in game when you have posted an app and we will get back to you asap on the status of your application.

If we determine that you are fit out for the guild you will be invited and promoted to Trial Raider status.
This will consist of a 2 week period in which you must prove your worth to the guild and maintain perfect attendance. Do not expect loot during your trial period. When you have shown us you have what it takes you will be promoted accordingly.

Requirements for Recruitment
- Must make raids regularly.
- Must have Ventrilo and a working Microphone.
- Have Knowledge of your Class.
- Be Properly gemmed/enchanted.
- Be Good at your role and be able to take criticism and advice.
- Maintain the will and drive to down 10/25 man Lich King
- You ideally should be active on ventrilo.
- Always have all possible consumables ready before any raid, have all needed addons fully updated and ready, have no ingame money problems and have top PvE professions to extend your usefulness in raids.
- Hybrid classes need a Good OS that they can play well.

Feel free to contact Megenta or Shylah in game if you have any questions...