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Thread: Halp! Yeah, I seriously need halp! Back after serveral years away.

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    Halp! Yeah, I seriously need halp! Back after serveral years away.

    I leveled a hunter to 70 right after BC came out. Then I got drunk, pissed off, and rage quit. That's all a long story, so in short, I'm back. When I logged in my hunter was completely naked. I guess I had drunken rage deleted all his gear as well. Sigh...

    First. You think I can quest naked and survive? Or should I xfer him to the server I'm on now and buy him green gear.

    Second. I remember nothing. I don't remember my shot rotations or what spec is good. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't remember how to play. I'm like a noob to the game starting at 70.

    Any suggestions or tips would be most awesome. The way I see it I shouldn't step foot in a dungeon until I hit 80. Mostly because I am going to look like a complete idiot, and hopefully 10 levels will give me plenty of time to figure out WTH I'm doing.

    One last thing. Will it even be worth trying to work on gearing up for raids at this point with Cataclysm so close to release? Would I be better off on focusing leveling my hunter and other alts to 80 in preparation for the expansion?
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    Well you really don't need much gear to earn gold, just farm some old world ores and rugged leather and you should get 500g for gear in no time.

    warcrafthuntersunion.com has everything you need to know when you hit 80, before that just mash steady and arcane shot. Not much too it as BM.

    Gearing takes about a week to get full 232+ gear, go ahead since cata wont be here for a few months.

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