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Thread: Elemental Shaman DPS

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    Elemental Shaman DPS

    I'm a 10 man Heroic ICC geared shaman who has no access to any 25 man raids (except VoA). In our 10 man ICC raids, I do roughly 8.8-9k DPS consistently, though do get up to 10k on good days. We're currently working on 10 man H LK and am wondering if there's anything I can do to increase my DPS.

    Our raid comp includes: 2 pallies (prot, holy), 1 frost DK, 2 druids (boomkin, tank), 2 hunters (SV, MM), 1 fury warrior, and 1 disc priest.

    Fully buffed + my totems, I have 3726 SP, 1206 haste, 42.85% crit. After looking at my gear, spec, gems, and comp, does anyone have any suggestions? Should I be doing anything differently? Also, I was wondering, do I have enough haste (seen mixed numbers about the "soft haste-cap" all over the web)?

    Here's a link to my armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...&cn=Drakeirian

    Thank you for any suggestions!

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    Well it doesn't really sound like you're struggling with DPS if you're pulling 9k on movement fights. There's nothing wrong with your gear, gemming, enchants or spec. The only things that'll really improve your DPS are

    1. lose some hit - you're at 14% but you're Draenei and you have a Boomkin, so you're actually 4% over hit cap after talents

    2. work on doing useful stuff during movement fights (e.g. Frost shock, refresh totems, WS..) However, this isn't as big a deal if you're only dropping ToW, which brings us to

    3. get a Retri pally into your raids so you can drop Fire DPS totems instead of ToW.

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