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Thread: I am scared of H Halls of Reflection.

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    I am scared of H Halls of Reflection.

    Normal mode was pretty damn hard for me already and I don't think I can tank Heroic Halls of Reflection. I know I should be thunderclapping, moving out of the mages/priests and hunters LoS, and then hold aggro from there. But the warriors are just running around everywhere.

    I'm guessing the party should give me about a 10sec head start so that I can hold aggro and then they can start dpsing? I really want to stop leaving the group because I can't tank this Heroic dungeon.

    What do you guys think I should do? How should I be pulling the mobs?

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    I think it would be a good idea to focus fire and bring down the targets one by one, and not use AoE, this will enable the DPS to burn the mobs down without giving you those 10 seconds, I don't know if the next wave can join before the previous wave had died, but if it does happen, you're pretty much screwed. I guess you know the kill order already.
    You can drag the melee mobs with you to a ranged mob (the hunter for example) to help yourself out aggro-wise.

    I tell the group to hug the corner untill all mobs are there and I use Avenger's Shield on the Mage to silence him if he's too far away from us, but I usually reserve it for when they're all bunched in so I could get some quick aggro on them (that doesn't really apply to Warriors, but you must have some similar abilities).

    I really don't know the Warrior class that well, but I know that all classes are pretty much equal on AoE tanking nowadays, so you really should have no problems with threat, unless you're lucky to get a 6k DPS

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    As a warrior, I find this one not too bad. As soon as any of the melee mobs come within range, you can start spamming cleave, revenge, TC to keep aggro. Taunt any ranged mobs, using heroic throw if you can, then move out of line of sight. They should all run to you, and you can pop shockwave, and it should work fine from there.

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    HoR was a hard as hell instance for both tanks and healers until I stopped using the line of sight mechanic it's such a death trap when all the mobs come close as the tanks hardly ever hold full agro because people always aoe so the best thing is to take them in the open melee first casters after so no one aoes if by chance a mob is targeting someone else shoot him or charge or whatever.

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    There are several ways in which you can tank this imo and you need to pick the technique based on which class you are playing. As a DK the corner tactic is pretty good. I just drop DnD in the narrow passage, wait for melee to run in and death grip a loose ranged into the bunch. I had a lot of problems applying the same tactic as a warrior. It just doesn't quite work as conveniently. Warrior are all about movement, which is why I started tanking the boss at the entrance.

    When the mobs begin to spawn, have a quick look where they are located and run up to meet them. I usually just run to the first melee, closest to us and Shield Slam it as it becomes active. If there is another melee mob close to it, I hit it with Devastate and then target a mob at the other side of room, usually a priest, hunter, or whatever and Charge them. From there the mobs quickly bundle up and I go with my usual AoE rotation. It's important to note that, unless you seriously overgear the instance, you will greatly benefit from A) the DPS focusing the mobs in the right order and B) using all of your abilities. The order goes something; priest, rogue, warrior, mage, hunter. Abilities to use include Concussion Blow, Disarm, Spell Reflect, etc.

    I wouldn't be concerned if you can't bundle them perfectly each time. Remember to use both Charge and Intercept to move around quickly. The hunter is usually left on it's own. Just try get a few hits on it so it focuses primarily on you. Tbh, the real threat are the melee mobs and they are the ones that can ramp up a lot of damage on dps and your healer is they get lose.

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    You need the help of your party for that one.

    As a warrior it is a good idea to tank them in the entrance and keep your party behind you. This gives you initial aggro which you won't get if everybody is huddled in the alcove.
    When you basically tank in the open you don't need to worry as much about breaking CC. Everything in there is undead so Priests and Paladins(yes, they can harrass the undead) should come handy. Same goes for hunters who can easily take care of the ranged mobs.

    You as a warrior have tools other tanks don't have. You can bind the mobs who go in melee range(soldiers, rogues and the priest), charge/intercept the ranged mobs, silence casters, spell reflect, intervene your party members...

    As long as you have a sensible kill order, you should be fine. Kill the priests first, the rest is up to your party setup. I find the hunter mobs most annoying, but the rogue mob might be worth to kill next. Depending on your CC. This of course falls all apart when your DPS runs it's own private show. You have no chance whatsoever when each of them focus their very own private mob.

    Just reming your party to remove debuffs you will gather in a great number. Personally, I wish everyone who is able to do so would remove the poisons first.

    In the gauntlet all you need to tank are the abominations. You'll need to turn them away from the party(they cleave and spray disease). The casters have no melee attack and their AoE is random. So it doesn't matter if you tank them or no. Those small jumpy things will head right for your healer. They are fodder for DPS. Kill order would be jumpers, casters, aboms.

    hHoR is only scary when your party doesn't know how to focus and CC. If their first move is to AOE the mobs, then you should run. Cluelessness will get you killed. Otherwise it's a walk in the park.

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    I'd say that in H HoR is one of the dungeons in which the success or failure of the tank has as much to do with how the dps behave as anything else. If the DPS can keep the fingers from spamming aoe before the mobs have collapsed on the tank, and can concentrate on bringing down one target at a time, H HoR can be ok.

    If you get a bunch of dps'rs who just want to aoe down everything, don't give the tank any time to establish aggro and have no comprehension of what LoS means then you can be in big trouble.

    I usually focus on the priests, rogues and mages first as they seem to be the ones that cause the most problems.

    Long story short, H HoR is only hard because it's probably the only dungeon that is a challenge and it requires 4-5 people to actually work together rather than trying to top meters etc.

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    The trick is to run out and collect the mobs - Charge, cleave, TC, intercept, disarm and intervene back to your group, then LoS in the alcove, shockwave once the mobs are packed nice and neat in there. Tell your dps to wait until you are back in the alcove before they go ape sh*t. Collecting the mobs instead of waiting for them to beeline into the alcove will let you see whether a mob is going for you or running to one of your squishies.

    Also most groups prefer a Priest > Merc > Mage (lol, RMP) kill order, but I usually ask dps to burn down the merc first, since he causes the most damage with stuns/shadow step/poison tick, while I focus on the priest and interrupt his Dark Mending spell.

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    I am firmly of the belief that the LoS technique should only be employed by Paladins and Death Knights, who can lay own area threat generation (Consecrate and Death and Decay), and tanking in the open near the entrance should be done by Bears and Prot warriors.

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    As a warrior, a big help is to make use of every possibility that you can proc gag-order, either by shield bashing or HT. That along with intervene/intercept and the various stuns will help you keeping the hunters/mages in melee range as much as possible and will make the instance far easier to tank in general.

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    I love tanking H-HoR as a warrior, as in my mind it shows off all our utility.

    First, I don't tank in the alcove. I find it silly.

    Have the healers/ranged dps hang back by the gate that drops down once you start the encounter. Tank the mobs around the edge of that initial hallway right where it enters the room. Charge the nearest mob that spawns (tip: you can click target them while they are channeling, but tab won't pick them up then) then pull back to the center to Thunderclap and pick up any of the other melee mobs. Once you have the melee mobs in a group Shockwave. While they are stunned, target any ranged mobs that are up. If it's a mage, just use Heroic Throw (if you don't have 2 pts in Gag Order, shame on you! /grin) and toss a taunt for good measure. If it's a hunter, charge/intercept over to it and disarm (it removes their gun) and then move back to the main pack. Once you've got them all in a group it's the usual: cleave, thunderclap, shockwave, revenge, tab, etc.

    All that said, the SINGLE most critical thing for success in H-HoR is the kill order. DPS should NOT just aoe everything down. Priests need to die first and as fast as possible. Then Mercs. All dps should be single targeting these down asap. After that it's less critical, but I like to make sure that the mages are NOT the last mob to die. The reason is that when they do their mirror image, if you kill the primary mage first the next wave can spawn while you're still burning down the mirror image. But in summary, aoe dps on the initial waves before the first bosses is bad. You'll take too long to kill them.
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    I think the trick is to find what works for you. And to have not dumb DPS.

    I tank it on my DK, Warrior and Pally. I've done them all LoS-ish and in the open. Seems to work no matter which way you want to do it as long as you are allowed to round stuff up.

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