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Thread: What gems should I be using????????

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    What gems should I be using????????

    I am fairly new to WOW, only been playing since Dec 31, 2009 at 10:30pm (yes I know the time I started). I have read a few different sites that say different things about gems for hunters, and with all the different updates that take place, and Cata coming sometime in the future, I am not sure what gems I should be using to increase my dps. I have ran ICC10 and 25 and only seem to put out around 6-8k dps. I saw something that stated if I was over 450 armor pen, without gems, than I should be able to out-dps agility hunters as a MM hunter. Before ArP gems, I have over 500 ArP, with gems, I am at 908, and have a hit rating of 208 or 6.34%. If it would help to take a look at my gear, I am on Eitrigg and Kraigue is my hunter's name. I just got new boots from ICC25, and wanted to do some checking on gems before I added any gems and enchant them. Should I switch back to doing all Agility gems, doing a combo of Agility/Hit/ArP gems, or stay with all ArP? If you could give me some names of some good hunters you have seen, and what realm they are on, I would appreciate it so I could check out their gear as well.

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    Welcome to WoW and tankspot!

    As a hunter, your main stat is agility. Ignore arp since it will only give you a dps increase when you have a lot of it, around 800+ just from gear without gemming. Arp will never outweigh agility until you can reach the hardcap of 1400 Arp.

    I would recommend switching all gems back to agility, and maybe picking up the 2 piece T9 bonus if the spreadsheet(Femaledwarf.com) shows it as a dps increase since it is pretty powerful. Here is the gem options for a hunter:

    Meta - Agility meta
    Red - Agility
    Yellow - Agil/Hit if needed, otherwise Agil/Crit
    Blue - One +10 stats gem to activate the meta, otherwise always a +20 agility gem.

    Make sure to go for a good socket bonus of 6+ Agil when gemming for a yellow socket and the + Stats gem, usually the chestpiece.

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