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Thread: [PST]<Casual> 11/12 HC ICC25 LFM good player

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    [PST]<Casual> 11/12 HC ICC25 LFM good player


    Current open recruitment:

    Ret Paladin - Bring us +3% so our enhance shaman's damage isn't so terrib- ok its still bad. Also, give us 97 HoJ's so we can not fail at Val'kyrs.

    Warlock - In need of one competent Shadow-fury. Use your tools to completely negate boss mechanics, manage your pets, and be a @!%%ing rockstar.

    Hunter - ALL OF THEM!!! We just lost one of our senior hunters, leaving us with only one. Heroic LK sucks with only one hunter. If you have tranq shot, we want you. This is a guaranteed raid spot.

    Holy Paladin - HL spam etc, don't suck and top healing meters.

    Feral Druid - Do DPS, give us mangle, don't hit every single shadow trap ever. Be able to tank when needed. Make sure you pay your bills, don't get hacked, Play with your monitor on, and don't keyboard turn. As you can tell our expectations are high. Bonus points for having a British accent.

    Death knight - Being able to play unholy and frost competently is preferred if not required because chances are you will be playing both specs regularly.

    Tanks - Try and be something that isn't a prot warrior. If you are a prot warrior app anyway. If you're a DK don't be a homeless shirt defecating ipod thief with borderline personality disorder that raids from a LAN center. If you are a prot pally don't be a colorblind mongoloid with a 56k connection that has their DI keybind next to their taunt button. For the love of your favorite deity do not disconnect every two minutes (THIS IS IMPORTANT).

    We also have available positions for a few exceptional DPS/healers that do not need to be a specific class. Currently accepting applications from Mages, and Shadow Priests.

    As a note to any and all DPS that are interested in applying: We are looking for DPS that aren't brain dead, deaf, or have the reaction times of a dead weasel. Regardless of your class you should be able to easily pull 13k DPS on a standard ICC tank and spank fight such as heroic saurfang. Regardless of class you should also be capable of sustaining similar DPS (within 2-3k) on a more complex fight such as Heroic Putricide. You should be capable of doing this while avoiding boss mechanics (everything in ICC and RS), and following any instructions given. If you do not know how to watch for Twilight Cutters, or stack on a raid marked player quickly and effectively then you are of no use to us. Simply put if you want to impress us; bring the damage and your attention every single night for the entirety of our raids. If you do impress us, you will have a raid spot.

    As always, our recruitment is never closed. Truly exceptional applicants will be tried and given a raid slot regardless of their class.

    About <Casual>:
    Establshed in February 2005, Casual has consistently ranked among the top 40-60 US. Our past achievements include:

    US 55th Kil’Jaeden Kill
    Conqueror of Naxxramas
    Obsidian Slayer
    The Magic Seeker
    US 37th Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood
    US 32nd Firefighter
    US 42nd Celestial Defender (Algalon)
    Realm First: Death's Demise
    US 32nd Tribute to Mad Skill
    US 61st Heroic: Halion 25man

    Casual currently raids 20 or less hours a week; we will never increase our raid times to compete with other guilds.

    Casual is composed mostly of mature adult men with jobs and other commitments (binge drinking, %*%!ing !!#@@s, reading, watching movies etc). Vent is quite lively with stories such as getting your girlfriend pregnant, %*%!ing married women, and other such great topics. Our raid core does contain the occasional female member (yes, they do exist on the internet). However, female gamers that can hang with us are of a very special breed. I should also warn you: if you do not have a sick sense of humor or cannot take the occasional (okay, frequent) racist or sexist joke, then you should not apply to our guild. It's like Lord of the Flies in here, only less same-sex awkwardness, or more. Your mileage may vary.

    With such a short raiding schedule (6-10pm PST Sunday through Thursday) we raid efficiently and effectively. We are only looking for highly skilled players who are able to commit to our schedule (and have class A personalities) and wont quit the first time they get to second base (anal is the new second base) with a girl. If you want to raid 28 hours a week, we are not what you are looking for.

    We are also very active in arenas and PVP. Our raid group is full of current and past Gladiators, and we are always looking to bolster those numbers. Strong raiders that are also strong PVPers have a high likelihood of being accepted.

    Application/Trial process:

    - All applicants must fill out and submit an application from the template provided on this forum.
    - The app should be PM'd to Viodia or Shamlarie. In order to do so, you must register to our forums.
    - If your application interests us, you will be contacted as soon as possible.
    - Applicants who are approved after their vent interview will enter a trial period of 30 days. During this trial period you are tagged and will participate in as many raids as possible for evaluation.
    - At the end of the trial period the decision is made whether to promote you to member or to let you go.

    Notes for Applicants:

    - Copy the application template to notepad and save a copy of your application for your own records on your machine.
    - When submitting your application via PM on this forum, please note that you will NOT receive verification that it has been sent nor will it be copied to your outbox unless you check the option to do so when you send the PM.

    Our DKP system: (AquaDKP)

    -Tier-based DKP pools
    -Fixed event/kill DKP rewards
    -Primary raid specs take precedence in determining loot
    -Attendance-based bid tiers
    -Sidegrade/upgrade options for rotting loot

    For any questions, feel free to ask Viodia or Shamlarie in game. Send a PM to Viodia or Shamlarie on our boards with your application once it is completed. From there he will post it on our internal forums where we will evaluate your application and then set up a time for your vent interview. Most of the time we can figure out what kind of person you are in about 5 min of talking to you on vent, but some interviews last quite a bit longer depending on our need for your class. After the vent interview, we will make a decision based on the interview and your app and get back to you within a few days.

    If you have any questions about the application process, or the guild its self, you can Talk to me (Thegreatme) here on tankspot and I will do my best to clarify any questions you may have.
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