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Thread: Fine tuning the Fury

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    Fine tuning the Fury

    Thanks all for help last time. Ive had several great ICC Runs and will hopefully be moving further into ICC and the Ruby Sanctum soon.

    Just a minor question.


    Since Im over the hit and expertise caps and have the 52% needed for the Scorpion....should I regem for STR or Crit? ( Be swapping the experise enchants soon ).

    Thanks again in advance!!!!!
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    i would start making a upgrade list . stick with soft capped arp and then stack strength however loose any hit you can down to around 190 your racial provides you with hit if i am correct. you need a total of 8% hit minimum for yellows, and below should be enough crit on the gear to give you raid buffed over 40%

    get your 4p t10 ASAP . get rid of those gloves and get the gatecrasher badge ones. work on getting deathbringers will , get the badge cloak and work your expertise down to. weapon wise get started on your shadow's edge as MH and a Cryptmaker OH.

    grab a calculator and add up all your gears ARP without any gems once thats high enough say around 800ish add the number of gem slots X arp gems if that number equals =1400 then hard cap ArP

    i know this sounds like omg but do anything to get frost badges at this point . random,10man icc,25 man icc, voa10.25 etc....

    you should have enough time to gear up b4 cata is released.

    also - download a trial version of microsoft excel its good for 14 days and grab landsouls spreadsheet that will be your biggest helper at this point.
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    Leather badge gloves are better than gatecrashers. Just saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeviousOne View Post
    Leather badge gloves are better than gatecrashers. Just saying.

    Sub heroic, Gatecrashers is BiS with full BiS gear. Cat Burgler's does show as better for most of the way toward gearing into BiS, but at the BiS level you're looking at Gatecrashers.
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