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Thread: Dk tank needs HELP

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    Dk tank needs HELP

    HI there well i just got back into WoW about 1 or 2 weeks ago, i've completly forgotten the rotations, addons and macros i need to have so if anyone could tell me all of these that would be great i'm a blood speced dk tank by the way. Also if you tell me if my stats/spec is fine that would be awesome too.. =]


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    You gear and spec looks solid to me. Hit rating and exp are a bit low for my taste but you still have ways to go for full ICC gear so it'll improve as you go. In terms of addons, I don't really use any that are specific to tanks or death knights. Just standard raiding addons; DBM, Omen, etc. For macros, the only necessary one is the rune strike macro. For that and rotations, suggest you have a look into this fairly comprehensive guide on ensidia.com. I'm fairly certain I have seen a fairly extensive DK tanking guide somewhere on tankspot as well.

    Good luck.

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