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Thread: Protection Paladin Icc(10m) ready.

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    Protection Paladin Icc(10m) ready.

    hello tankspot forums, I played WoW about the time ulduar came around and then i had to quit for several reasons but mostly work and everything. Now im going to return again soon and i notice the ICC raids are out. I would like to know what gear i have to swap and get to get my tank ready for ICC 10 man, i have some ulduar gear and very little t9 so please look at my armory and help me get my tank where it needs to be. thanks

    please be specific with swaps/gemming/upgrades & enchants

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    I'll give a little input for you. I'm going to assume that you haven't logged in or read any information since Ulduar, so forgive me if I appear to be telling you obvious things.

    First: there is an entire Tier of content between Ulduar an ICC. At least on my server, ToC 10 and 25 pugs are common, and your gear is certainly good enough to tank those. There are upgrades for every slot of gear in ToC 10 and 25 for you.

    Relatedly, item level 245 badge gear is freely available through using the new Dungeon Finder tool. That tool replaced the LFG system (the default "i" button), and allows you to queue for a random heroic, get 2 free highest-level badges at the end, and run dungeons with random players from within your battlegroup. The time to queue varies depending on your spec. Good news for you: tank queues are less than 5 seconds.

    Epic-level gems are available as well. By trading down your triumph, conquest, and valor badges, you can buy gems using emblems of heroism, using honor at the PvP Jewelcrafting supplier in your major city, or from prospecting titanium ore. The cuts will be ubiquitous by now.

    The ICC 5-man dungeons also have many upgrades for you. 3 new dungeons were introduced along with the ICC raid instance, and the heroic-mode drops from those dungeons are iLvl 232.

    That's all the time I really have at the moment, but the ToC raids, dungeon finder, ICC heroics should definitely be your starting points. It won't take long (within a week if you do some every day) and you'll be ICC-10 ready. Having mostly 232 gear is plenty acceptable at that point.

    Hope you enjoyed your break! Welcome back to WoW, and welcome to Tankspot!
    I. Am. Warrior.

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    Mero, thanks for giving me my starting point, for a while everything was up in the air. Now that i have returned im quite excited to run heroics and the new ToC raid.
    ps. thanks for the warm welcomes!

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    Welcome back!

    Gearing has been completley changed since patch 3.3, now every boss in a heroic 5 man dungeon drops 1 ToC level badge. Emblems of triumph.

    These are used to buy ToC gear from vendors in Dalaran, each heroic dungeon gives you 5 Emblems, and each piece of gear costs around 50 emblems. Start farming!

    I have a full guide on how to gear up in this patch, look for it under my name as the author.

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