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Thread: Picking my warrior back up

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    Picking my warrior back up

    Hi there.


    This is my warrior. As you can tell by his gear I haven't played him in a long while and even when I played him I never really achieved much, never was a raider, never had a guild. It's like this on all my chars which is why I come here to ask for advice from people which do a better job of managing their characters.

    I want to PvP on him, for that I need no advice but I do need some PvE gear. It's not hard to get for normal people as all pieces drop from the first 4 bosses of ICC 25. Notice how I said normal people? Well the not well equipped me obviously has a hard time finding ICC25 pugs because of my 4850 GS and my 37k HP.

    So the obvious choice is to better out my tank gear first, boost my HP a bit and up that GS because that's what people are looking for. Question being: How do I achieve this the best.

    This is what I need to change:
    Trinket (200)
    Cloak (213)
    Bracers (219)
    Ring (219)
    Shield (226)
    and I know some enchants are missing which I will get done

    The rest is 232/245 and for now okay at least it's enough to run some ICC10 to patch up my gear.

    The cloak I can change from Badges and I have these badges.
    The bracers I could craft but it takes time because I'm low on gold and Titansteel is expensive.
    The ring I should be able to exchange from running some ICC10 by getting the rep ring.
    The shield could come from ICC10 gunship.

    I really don't have the gold to craft the 264 pieces right now.

    Is there anything else I haven't thought of that you can see, something I can run/do?

    Thanks for taking the time

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    I've seen the first 8 of ICC 25 tanked in gear similar to yours... there must be some major GStards running the pugs on your server. That sucks :-(

    Sad thing is, most of the pieces you mention are solid. Black Heart would be an upgrade over your JC Crab - it's got more stam and a nice armor proc, sure it's lvl 200 too but at least it's purple! Other than that, definitely get the frostie cloak (you will not be upgrading that until Cataclysm).

    Aside from going over your enchants and gemming (a few are sub-optimal, not horribly so though), I don't see anything wrong with your gear. You should definitely start with ICC 10 - maybe if you get into a decent PuG and impress them (make sure to research fights beforehand) you will find a good group of people or a good guild.

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    Yeah I bought the cloak, looking in /2 for a crafter for the wrist and during the week I'll start my own ICC10, I'll call it a twink run and ask for ~4700GS doing 4-6 bosses and with some luck I'll have decent upgrades. At minimum I get the rep for the ring and some badges out of it which go (probably) towards the trinket.

    Oh I also picked up the Brewfest trinket from my bank so selfbuffed I'm around 41-42k HP, with the ICC buff that'll be around 50k + buffs. Should be good. I already have done 3 bosses before there were any buffs so how I can it go bad :P

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    Here is a few things that are easy to do and will help you out in the long run:

    - Buy the 245 Bracers and chest, and the 226 crafted belt.
    - Buy the offset shoulders from triumph emblems, they are 245 and much better than the 232 you have now.
    - Buy the 264 PvP cloak if you don't have the frost emblem cloak, its a huge upgrade and not much wasted stats on it.
    - Get into some rep runs and buy the friendly ashen verdict rep ring, and keep the clutch as it is better than most ICC rings.
    - Make your 1st upgrade the frost emblem gloves, Gauntlets of the Kraken. And farm for the Black heart to replace your JC trinket.
    - Change the following enchants,
    * 225 Armor to the cloak
    * 250 Armor to the gloves, Called glove reinforcment.
    * 30 Stamina to the shoulders, PvP enchant
    * 18 Stamina to your shield.

    If you do this than you could kill 8/12 in ICC with the buff, mabe even more.

    PS: I LOVE that shield, especially as an undead warrior.
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