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Thread: Looking further into stancedancing as Fury warrior.

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    Looking further into stancedancing as Fury warrior.


    I' recently became interested in stancedancing as Fury warrior. After moving some stuff on Landsoul Spreadsheet it does seem to be a viable DPS increase. But right now I'm looking for some more info on it. As I'm doing some pretty well DPS for the gear I have right now usually in the top 5 in my guild's recount. But I'm looking to push it further, that's why I've recently become interested in stance-dancing applying Rend to a target if it really would increase the DPS output. Rather that having Glyph of Execution.

    There's nothing wrong with my current rotation I'm able to crit enough on HS to keep it on queue on all time and not be rage starved. What I'm simply looking for is to improve even better wether if it's worth stance-dancing or not.

    Anyways, heres the following spec I had in mind it may need some tweaks (If it didn't I wouldn't be posting, obviously).



    Some feedback on this would be appreciated.

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    Stance dancing to weave in rend on free gcd's will always be a dps increase assuming you don't pushback your rotation. Glyphing Rend is okay but the truth is, you'll have plenty of free gcd's to reapply Rend before it falls off, so glyphing it just means either refreshing an extended Rend (wasted glyph) or you're waiting for rend to fall off before reapplying which doesn't really work out rotation wise.

    Your glyphs are basically WW, and HS, and the 3rd can be Execute, or Cleaving. if you glyph execute, you might want to spec imp execute too, 15 bonus rage worth of damage makes execute decent =P

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    With any weapons above ilvl 232, basically anything you get from raiding ICC, or ToC25, you will rage cap yourself very easily, as a result, the rage generating abilities, like UW are rendered useless, because its chance on hit to gain 1 extra point of rage, which generally falls down to you hit, you cap yourself, and that 1 rage becomes lost. Same with Anger Management. So I propose this talent spec, which is pretty much the standard fury build.


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    Not worth it unless your latency is really low. Minor increase at the cost of potentially borking your rotation and screwing up a large part of your dps.

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    It's a viable DPS increase if you don't mess up the other parts of your rotation.
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