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Thread: Fury/melee basic UI (old post)

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    Fury/melee basic UI (old post)

    (Tought to 'copy paste' my old post from some forums here

    This post is example of compilation of addons.
    I tought it's good idea show example of some basic UI for fury,
    but no doubt most classes use these same addons already -this is mostly melee/fury in mind.


    It's important to identify ur targets as fast as possible in case u need to change target fast.
    Default nameplates are quite awful and u might want something wich is easier to click
    with ur mouse and shows the exact name of the mob better.
    As well as ur using 'tab' key to select targets, some mouse clicking is often faster and sometimes
    only option (example on Queen Lanathel, turn on friendy nameplates on interface; makes biting easier).
    My favourite is Aloft.
    If u dont like setting up things there is simpler addon Tidy Plates, but in turn u can't rly customize settings and have to be happy with theme packages.( tanks might be intrested on showing threath on coloured borders)


    Rage Bar

    As fury u might want to monitor ur rage and for this, u can customize ur unitframe addon like PitBull for example. One simpple solution is RageBar. (in 2 last pics, it's the green/red bar under my char with hp bar enabled.

    Target cast bars, timers

    For this purpose it's best to use Quartz wich gives you enemy cast bar -and example debuffs u do with timers showing as different bars. (See 'Shadow Bolt' in pic below, my 'Sunders' (and 'Deep Wounds') in 2 last pics.)



    Satrina Buff Frames is 'must' for many purposes. This is one most important addon for raiding. U can create different frames for Battle/commanding shout,
    add warning sound when they are about to expire and so on. Also good idea is to set up bigger icons for debuffs (Sindragosa comes to mind). Also icon showing sunder stacks and warning when they r about to expire. (Sunder icon on left side of the Quartz bars in pics below. Right from it is all trinket/weapon/item proccs (example if u want to monitor how often something proccs). Raid buffs are top right, my class related self -buffs are under minimap. Unfortunately piccs dont show any debuffs, but they got own place with clear big icons and timers.)


    For instant slam procs it's important to have some addon wich not only warn u with icon and sound, but also with timer so that you can get most out of the 5sec window it's available -to time it right. Traditionally slam is used when bt or ww is on cooldown. I use famous Power Auras Classic. This addon also keeps me awake with some nice warning sounds (moan.mp3 ftw. Sounds on different proccs/warnings are often important when ur screen is already filled with a ton of aoe and other stuff in raids. (Slam! proccing in last pic with 3 secs left to use it)

    I think that's about it and here is 2 screenys how they look like. Too bad u cant hear the procc/ expire warnings,
    but I promise it sounds neat

    Ps. Used SCT and SCT-Damage to show own damage (everything disabled from sct) and also using
    ErrorMonster to hide text messages like 'target out of range','not inaf rage'. And ofc Bartender. Unitframes is Pitbull. Btw if u want something to looke exactly like this, just whisper me ingame.

    Couple sites to get addons -look where u get most recent versions (most fresh Ace based addons on their WowAce site). , ,

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