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Thread: Beginning to Tank ICC - What to do with my Frost badges?

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    Beginning to Tank ICC - What to do with my Frost badges?

    First of all here is my armory - http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...nivarr&cn=Boab

    Ignoring that I haven't got my weapon enchanted (Can't Find anyone with blood draining), I have just hit my second lot of 60 frost badges and am finding it hard to make a decision on what I should upgrade.

    I'm basically part of an Alt run - and last night I OT 9/12 in ICC10.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Since you have the holiday cloak, I'd recommend an order of:

    Vergis Belt
    T10 Helm

    And get rid of Ick's. Buy Glyph of Idom. The on-use is nice, but 1800 static armor is better, and CSK/The Black Heart for magic intensive fights.

    Not sure how much you want to put into your alt, but given you're a miner, you can buy the primordials for Pillars of might for ~5k on my server and you should have the ability to make the titansteel and farm the eternal earths you need. Then boots of Kingly Upheval for ~3.5k (primordials go for about 700 in AH, if you farm trade for 600) for the primordials and farm the other mats. Your guild, if your alt is 9/12, should have BSs with the recipe.

    Don't forget the +40 crit rating scope for your gun (works for TC as well)

    Some ToGC - 10 runs would help too with boot drops and neck drops until you get the Kingly Upheval.
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    Thanks for the advice - will pick up the gloves and have already taken the Glyph of Indom.

    I do like the primordial gear but as this is only an alt I dont think im going to invest that sort of cash into it.

    How does the scope work? The only one that ive seen is the +40 Crit to ranged attacks?

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