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Thread: Darkmoon Card: Madness

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    Darkmoon Card: Madness

    I've been looking into purchasing a Darkmoon Card, and I came across one that is affordable on my server that catches my eye. Darkmoon Card: Madness. I was reading it's page on WoWhead, and I noticed that each effect listed in the description names every other class except Death Knight. Does this mean that the only effects I would be able to generate with this trinket on my DK consist of Paranoia, Martyr Complex, Manic, and Dimensia? This post is intended as a somewhat serious question and "food for thought".


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    I would assume that you can get every buff Warriors can get. The list of classes is just so you don't get useless stuff like SP on a melee-only char.
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    that trinket doesnt even look like its worth any thing, mabe on trash pulls it might be worthwile, but for a boss fight, it provides nothing other than 51 stam which unless your tanking (and there are way better options instead) the stam is useful,

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    For a lvl 70 twink or mabe a BC exclusive tank, that trinket is great.

    For a DK I would imagine you can get any buff your class can use.

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