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Thread: Spend my 400 Frost - Warrior dps

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    Spend my 400 Frost - Warrior dps

    Hey guys, here's the story: Been tanking pretty much exclusively the whole xpac and would like some tips on the ins and outs of dps gearing. I've bought everything and then some for my prot mainspec and I have about 400 frost badges to spend on some dps gear.

    My first inclination was to just go buy up all my set pieces and then spend whatever is left on the highest ilvl upgrades to my existing stuff. Now, I have access to 10m heroic drops, sanc tokens and the stuff our main spec dps already has in 25 (which a bit of goes OS). So buying all the 251 junk maybe a little shortsighted so I picked up the legendary landsoul's spreadsheet but I'm not sure I'm using it correctly. I'm not tweaking a gem here, a gem there, this trinket vs that trinket, I'm pretty much starting from scratch here so a point in the right direction would be welcome.

    Before getting too deep in my armory keep in mind;
    1. Current off spec is my pvp spec,

    2. Just assume I'm going to re-gem everything
    some stuff I picked up because it was going to shard, others used for pvp, others gemed strangely because it used to be apart of another set completely

    Armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...moon&cn=Khadra
    Available weapons: Currently I have
    Ramaladni's blade of Culling (251 but can get 264 version)
    Wrathful Gladiator's Decapitator (264 pvp weapon)
    Cryptmaker (reg 264 version)
    I could also likely get the next heroic bryntoll

    And just a few specific questions

    Should I be going for 5/5 set or stick with the off set chest I have now? or is there an even better option for an off set piece than chest short of 25 hm?

    How much of the offset slot gear from badge vendor is BiS for ilvl264, what should be avoided in lieu of other options?

    Given the weapons available to me, is arms a viable option? I hear its a personal dps loss for me but a gain for the manglebot feral, is it worth it?

    Thanks for your time and any input. Sorry for the newbish questions, but I'm a noob at this atm.

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    I would pick up the 4p t10, especially if you can get the tokens in 25 or 10h to upgrade to 264. The best offset piece to get if you're going for the 4p is the frost badge gloves (Gatecrasher's Gauntlets) then use tier shoulders/helm/chest/legs. Those gloves are BiS so you'll never have to worry about replacing them. The frost badge belt is also very good too (the leather one, not the plate) if you can't get the coldwraith links off 25 valithria or the leather belt off 25 putricide.

    For weapons, if you have the gold I would get a Shadow's Edge and use that and Cryptmaker in your offhand. If you don't want to spend the gold for SE though, I would personally use cryptmaker and the saurfang axe (264 if you can get it like you say). Bryntroll isn't the best weapon for a warrior as it lacks ArP and stats in general. It can only be used in your main hand, because the offhand miss chance is too high to make the proc useful and lack of stats pretty much makes it worthless in offhand. You could go h bryntroll in main and crypt in offhand if you wanted but I'd still go with the saurfang axe over bryntroll. Leave the bryntroll to the ret pallys and dk's (unless you want a nice arms pvp weapon).

    You could go arms to help out any kitties in your raid, but I don't think the mangle bot is as important now that the mangle debuff lasts 1 minute instead of the 12 seconds it used to.

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    Thank you very much Dekar, thats pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Time to spend some money =)

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