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Thread: Few Protection/Protection Keybinds Questions

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    Few Protection/Protection Keybinds Questions

    Hello all ^^
    I have a couple questions about my warrior that I was hoping the community could help me with. My first question is a usual question, but I like the feedback I see nine out of ten times so I was hoping you wouldn't mind looking over my armory and giving me some pointers for anything you see that I can improve upon (Next Gear Piece, Enchants, >Gems<, etc.). My second question is one I have not seen while skimming through the first few pages. I was wondering if and how any of you play your warriors using key binds and only show one or two bars? I have some key binding at the moment but I want to reduce the amount of action bars I use and lessen the amount of clicking I have to do. I will have a screen shot so you can see my current bindings to give me tips.

    ~Salia - Grizzly Hills

    P.S. I don't mind trying out modifier macros as well since I understand switching to key binds from clicking will take practice. I am just not sure how/which spells to macro.

    Current Action Bar setup - http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/273...1210195753.jpg

    Armory - http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...&n=Sa%C3%AAlia

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    I don't really use modifier macros on my warrior, even though I should. I use the EDSF keys to move (forward, back, strafe left and right) and I have abilities bound to the 1-6 keys, as well as Q,A,Z,W,X,C,R, and V, as well as shift and control modifiers for some of them. I use the Mousewheel up for cleave and Mousewheel down for heroic strike.

    the 1-6 keys are my core rotaation abilities (Shield Slam, Revenge, Devastate, Shockwave, Thunderclap, Concussion blow)
    Q is Demo shout
    W is Spell Reflect
    A is Shield Bash
    Z is Shield Block
    X is castsequence macro with Charge and Intercept
    C is heroic Throw
    V is Intervene
    R is taunt

    The rest I kind of added in as i realized i had a use for them, the keybinds dont all necessarily make sense and I probably should clean them up. For example Shift + 3 is bloodrage and Shift-A is Commanding shout, i have no idea why. I have my "OH SHIT!" buttons all in a row, with keybinds that are kind of hard to hit without meaning to so i dont fat finger and waste them
    Ctrl-1 is Challenging Shout
    Ctrl-2 is my trinkets
    Ctrl-3 is a cast sequence macro with Last Stand and Enrage Regen
    Ctrl-4 is shield wall.

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    I'd respond to the key binding portion of your post, but I purchased a N52te speedpad a while ago so my bindings don't make any sense to anyone using a keyboard. The thing with prot warrior keybinds (at least till cata) is the fact that you need to hit more then one button at a time. For this reason many people bind heroic / cleave to the mouse, either the "back" and "forward" buttons (that's what I do) or the mouse wheel. This will save you from RSI and hand cramps! I use 15 buttons, modified with alt and shift. It allows me to cover every single skill, potion, macro I need; but again that speed-pad I mentioned puts 15 buttons in easy reach, and I use my thumb on a D-pad to replace WASD. Lore posted a video on the thing a few months back, but my set-up is slightly different.

    As for your armory:
    • The first thing I notice is your gemming, you shouldn't gem for socket bonus' unless it will award you more stamina. General rule of thumb is all solid sapphires except for the one purple gem you need to activate your meta (which is preferably in a red/blue socket set, giving you a stam socket bonus, lately helmets have been good too, a purple + meta for +12 stam bonus is hawt and would be ideal in your case). Generally this will min/max your stamina.
    • Change your shoulder chant to stamina resilience
    • Enchant your cloak with +armor
    • Enchant your bracers with +40 stamina
    • Switch your glove enchant to +stamina armor patch (+18)
    • Buy the badge trinket, or get a blackheart or satrinas from ToC25. Icks is a terrible trinket (because it's not an EH trinket).
    • Enchant your shield with stamina (TBC Ench.)
    • Get Blood draining on your weapon.
    The goal is to maximize your stamina and armor. Dodge/parry gems add so little avoidance after Diminishing Returns that it's never best to socket them, if your gonna use a purple gem I recommend expertise/stam (especially if your under 26 expertise). The changes above would award you ~164 stamina... or about 2k hp. You would lose about 1% avoidance give or take and gain some expertise. Don't worry about your drop in hit rating, below 26 expertise: expertise is always better then hit .

    Your spec looks pretty good, but I'd take the two points out of booming voice and put it in armored to the teeth. This AP will give you a ton of threat.

    I'd glyph for devastate, shield wall, and taunt (when needed for taunt sensitive fights) or last stand. Cleaving is a good 5 man/trash glyph.

    Id also look at the 245 tanking helm from badges, it's better then the 232 set piece; especially without the T9 4pc bonus (which isn't that hawt anyway).

    Hope that helps!

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    Wow thanks a lot to both of you! I will try out some of those key binds and work towards those gear changes as I muster up the gold for them (I am very bad at making gold =[). If anyone else still has anymore suggestions please feel free to post as I will still be checking for any other suggestions ^^'

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    Alright, so after a few hours of messing around I think I got my key binds down, yay! In case they can assist others here is what I came up with:

    Bar 1
    1 - Shield Slam
    2 - Revenge
    3 - Devastate
    4 - Thunder Clap
    5 - Shockwave
    F - Taunt
    Alt+1 - Intimidating Shout
    Alt+2 - Demoralizing Shout
    Alt+3 - Corroded Skeleton Key
    Alt+4 - Vigilance
    MouseButton5 - Charge
    MouseButton4 - Intervene

    Bar 2(Or Bar 6 if you want to be technical =P)
    Shift 1 - Bloodrage
    Shift 2 - Commanding Shout
    Shift 3 - Heroic Throw
    Shift 4 - Shield Bash
    Shift 5 - Challenging Shout
    Shift F - Shield Block
    Shift R - Disarm
    Shift T - Shield Wall
    Shift Q - Last Stand
    Shift E - Enraged Regeneration
    Shift MouseButton5 - Intercept
    Alt Shift W - Mount Macro

    Also I am using Tukui so I can keybind directly from the spellbook and have:
    Shift S - Spell Reflect
    MouseWheel Up - Cleave
    MouseWheel Down - Heroic Strike

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    This is the last I had it set to, I think. Account has been inactive since April. Most of the binds I like and am well used to, some are less than optimal, but I did well with it.

    EDIT: Also, the Num keys correspond to my Naga.
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