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Thread: Few questions form a newbie DK tank

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    Few questions form a newbie DK tank

    Ok so ive gone over the big guide about dk tanking. Its a ton to take in and I may have missed the questions I am about to ask.

    Little Background: I am a warrior tank who started a dk as a dps toon. My DK is currently at 76 and as I plan on eventually raiding as dps my main intrest in tanking on my dk is for 5 man heroics for speedy ques and badges. As I am doing 5 mans and not raids I decided to go 2 handed Frost as my tank spec.

    My first question is about single target threat. My current opener is IT, PS, HB, then I use the following priority list: HB>OB>IT>RS>FS refreshing PS if the disease needs it

    1)What could I be doing better?

    Second question is for AoE threat: Currently I am HB(Glyphed), PS, Pest,BB and then i pretty much faceroll through those abilities and tab spam whatever my left eyelid hits.

    2a)What should I be doing?
    2b)As frost should I be using DnD?
    2c)and if so where

    Alas as I continue this im sure I will have many more questions but for now thats what i got any help even if its just general tips that dont relate directly to my questions would be awesome.

    Thank you

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    I use dnd at open for trashpacks. If they are still up when it gets off cooldown I drop it again.

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    For single target DPS, the best opener is IT > PS > OB > BS > BS. And of course, FS on every proc of Killing Machine. Icy Touch has been buffed to produce approximately 7x more threat than it previously did.

    As Frost, for AoE, you generally don't need to DnD due to having HB. However, it still produces good threat, and it can still be useful in situations where you see a pack of mobs running towards your group: you can place it between them and the group. DnD is a very useful tool when you know where mobs are going to be, and you can plan ahead. One thing to note is that many frost DKs tanking dungeons (like you are planning on doing) take the HB glyph so they can do single-disease AoE rotations. It makes for a fast start, and frost DKs already have incredible AoE threat that missing a disease for just a trash pack will not be a problem.

    Other than that, it sounds like you're doing everything fine.
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    DnD early and often; packs, single target, etc. doesn't matter in 5 mans. DnD, HB, IT, PS, etc.

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    I agree your doing fine. I am a dk frost tank for that same reason and I find dnd does generates more total threat over time but takes time to build up to the peak and then slowly dies off while HB actually does higher peak of threat then dies of immediately. To be honest you can't go wrong either way but i prefer dnd for bigger groups especially when i have dps that do high amount of aoe dmg but thats just personally how i like it. But again you can't go wrong either way its kinda idiot proof. I like HB because you can PS and PESt and every1 has disease then a good BB and by that time you can HB again. plus if you loose 1 dude you can command, DG or IT it to regain so it's really flexible. Your roation you have is aboslutly fine for most things and it just comes down you how you like it or if its working for you.

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