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Thread: [A - Borean Tundra] <Unforgiven> Recruiting Raiders 7/12 ICC10

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    Thumbs up [A - Borean Tundra] <Unforgiven> Recruiting Raiders 7/12 ICC10

    Guild Name: Unforgiven
    Faction: Alliance
    Realm (US/EU): Borean Tundra (US)
    Realm Type: PVE
    Realm Timezone: CST
    Battlegroup: Emberstorm
    Progression: 8/12 ICC10
    Raid Times: 9:30pm
    Raid Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday and Monday/Wednesday teams
    Openings: Shaman, Rogue, Healers, DPS

    Unforgiven is a casual raiding guild located on the US-Borean Tundra server [PVE-CDT]. Our primary goal is to take down the Lich King (and help all our members earn the Kingslayer title) before Cataclysm hits!

    We have two solid 10-man teams currently working through ICC, but we are also forming a third 10-man team that will start ICC soon. We are committed to making all three teams as strong as possible.

    We are 8/12 in ICC10 so far.

    Our 10-man teams raid twice a week (T/Th or M/W evenings from 9:30 to 12:30 server time) and stick to a tight schedule on progression nights. We also run older raids (ToC, Onyxia, Ulduar) on a signup basis for those who want to have fun in the older content or are looking for specific drops or achievements.

    We're mature gamers and realize we all have busy lives outside the game, too.

    We value skill over gear score, we loath guild drama and are well-organized. We expect our members to come prepared, help each other out, and strive to perfect our teamwork. But above all, we just want to have fun seeing everything WoW has to offer.

    If this sounds like fun to you, then please submit an application on our website or contact one of our officers in-game.



    Unforgiven 10-man Raid Teams:

    Team Zombie - M/W (9:30 pm CDT): Recruiting all classes.

    Team Kamikazi - T/Th (9:30 pm CDT): Currently full.

    Team Jager - T/Th (9:30 pm CDT): Recruiting for one DPS spot (especially a Shaman, Mage, DK, Rogue or Druid).
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