Retri is my offspec, I havent spent all too long acquiring gear for it, but I understand ret mechanics and I have played other sucessful dps toons. Ret is just my offspec and I will never expect to be as skilled and knowledgable as a full time ret paladin, I just dont like the idea of underpreforming and using "just my offspec" as an excuse.

I realize that my helm and shoulders are pvp chanted, because I havent unlocked the hodir chants and shadowvault quests have reset since i faction transferred.

will the minor crit and ap from those be game changing?
Ive seen people do much better dps than me with lesser gear, I reach about 7k and cant surpass it, except in aoe pulls in which i easily top charts.

I used to use clcret but for some reason it did nothing but lower my output

id link a parse but im on vacation in europe and havent raided in a few weeks and overseas lag would hinder my preformance im guessing

any advice? other than switch my helm and shoulder chants, im working on that.

also Im saving up for the 264 dps trinket, which trinket should replace for it?