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Thread: gearing port pally

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    gearing port pally

    ok im a level 80 prot pally tank ive done toc voa naxx and uld all 10man but i need to know on waht to do to get gear my gearscore is 4729 not enough to get into icc yet i need any tips on what to do next to get gear here is my link though world of warcraft armoey


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    Firstly: head over to Maintankadin and read the Basic Training forum as well as the Gearing and Enchanting Guide and the Talent and Glyph guide, because your talents are wrong, your glyphs are wrong (well, glyph; you have one major glyph slot filled and it's the only one that actually does more harm than good), and your gemming and enchanting are wrong.

    You still have some upgrades to get from the ICC heroics, and you could benefit from the crafted chest and bracers (Breastplate of the White Knight and Saronite Swordbreakers, respectively). The ICC crafted legs (Pillars of Might) would be a huge upgrade, but are very expensive. And obviously you don't have any Frost badge items yet either; keep running the daily heroic and weekly raid and they'll rack up quickly enough. You want the gloves and belt from frost badges as your first upgrade, most likely. Don't be tempted by the stamina trinket - you have bigger (relative) upgrades to get which are more important.

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    Boredom has led me to this thread, now you def do want to follow Lumines link but I will give you the short of quite a few things to fix.

    1. Meta gem switch to austere earthsiege diamond
    2. Get the argent crusade Head enchant
    3. Switch the gem in your shoulders to a 30 stam
    4. Put +225 armor on your cloak
    5. Change the enchant on your chest to +275 health and the def gem to +20 def
    6. Hodir or Pvp shoulder inscription
    7. Put heavy borean armor kit on your gloves
    8. Change the 10 parry 15 stam gem in your legs to 10 agi 15 stam

    Now as far as craftables, if there is any way you can muster the gold to have the Pillars of might crafted, do it unless you ramp up very very fast and get into a 25 man heroic icc guild you won't even have anything drop that you can think about replacing them with, you will be wearing them full time into cata, just like many of us decked in mostly 277s will be. If you cannot then make the saronite swordbreakers nice upgrade over what you currently have. With your frost badges buy the belt just as in the pillars you will most likely be wearing it into cata, follow the belt with the purchase of the cloak(yes the gloves are great but again the cloak is something you will not replace).

    Glyphs, drop the major you have pick up divine plea, seal of vengeance and righteous defense.
    Talents- drop the 5 in divinity and reckoning, drop one from spitiual attunement. Take 5 from benediction, you now have 16 free
    Put 2 more in shield of the templar
    Put 2 into Improved Judgements and 3 into Heart of the crusader
    Put 2 into vindication, 2 into pursuit of justice and 1 into conviction
    Place the 3 remaining into crusade

    Level your professions.
    With these changes and if you can afford the pillars and swordbreakers you will be fine to walk into an ICC 10, I do not know anything about gearscore and what your server is looking for, however with the buffs and a few upgrades your gear is fine the week I hit 80 on my DK my gear was considerably worse with the exception of having both toc and both icc crafted items and I tanked 10 bosses in there and this was an all out trade chat pug where many of them had not gone that far and this was back with just the 5% buff. Fact is a lot of pugs(at least on my server) still only clear 6-8 bosses in 10 man which is what a lot of pugs did 15% ago, ICC is more accesible and has a lower gear requirement at this point than toc does for a tank.

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    Okay. In attempts to not sound rude, I only wanna inform and educate, not purposely grief, Im going to go into detail on what you NEED to know.

    your gems and chants are prettymuch all WAY off of what you want to be doing.

    First off, you are sitting at 535 defense, you have no business doing any tanking while crittable, it will just give healers a hard time keeping you alive, you really should get a tanking cloak, theres a decent ilvl 213 one from badges, I think that, combined with some proper chanting will put you at cap

    this brings me to cover your chants. many slots are left unchanted, and the only ones you DID chant that have any actual value are your legs, shield, and bracers. 6 agi on gloves and 100 hp on chest were not worth the effort you spent on getting them. You want to put a 275 health chant on your chest, and 18 stam on gloves. as for boots, go 22 stam. for cloak you can either get 22 agility, 20? defense (i dont remember) or 225 armor, this all depends on if you are over def cap or not.

    Parry gives less avoidance per point than any other defensive stat, therefor should never be gemmed for. aswell as your pure strength gem. a tank should never gem a pure stat other than stamina, except for the rare cases where they need defense badly. You need to replace your meta gem with an austere earthsiege diamond, to fit the meta requirements you need a red gem and 2 blue gems. the blue comes naturally from one of the many stamina gems you should have. as for red you should use a purple hybrid gem but you have a few options:

    Parry/stam hybrid - as I said before, parry is a crappy stat currently
    dodge/stam hybrid - Not a bad option but not completely optimal either
    str/stam hybrid - minor dps increase, wont do much help surviving though
    agi/stam hybrid - currently the best tanking purple gem, giving not only abit of dodge, but armor and crit aswell, most wellrounded stat gem for a tank.

    to sum it up, you need to get yourself a tanking meta then use defense/stam gems until you hit 540 defense (this can actually be lowered to 536 when you get the 30 stamina 15 resilience pvp shoulder chant)
    after achieving the cap, gem pure stamina, besides the ONE purple gem for meta, sounds cheap but yes, your groups wont really care about your avoidance, people just wanna see big numbers on a tanks hp bar.

    Next lets look into spec and glyphs.
    You are specd very wrong, seeing as you have one point in shield of the templar im going to assume you just clicked randomly on talents until you ran out of points

    http://www.wowhead.com/talent#sZV0tA...fdxfMzbc:pkGmc is the 'cookie cutter' build, it has the most optimal deposit of points for tanking, and allows you to make use of the 969 tanking rotation i will explain below. the glyphs are the most useful ones for all around tanking, as Kaz said, the only one you actually have is by far the one glyph that will hurt you the most, due to your rotation relying on consecration needing to be availible every 9 seconds to keep a steady flow. refer to the site kaz linked in his post to explain the minor details of the spec, but believe me, once you try it out, you will find tanking alot more enjoyable, and i dare say easier.

    your rotation doesnt have to be completely strict, you can mess it up abit and still be fine, but the basic idea of a prot paladin rotation is to utilize every gcd with an instant cast, how can we do this? its called the 969 rotation

    while speccd properly you will have 5 main abilities, 3 of which have an 8 second cd and 2 of which have a 6 second cd. we call this a 969 rotation because the gcd itself staggers our spells and allows us to cast the 8 second spells once every 9 seconds
    the idea is to rotate between which ones you cast.
    your 8 second spells are; Judgement, consecration, and holy shield, your 6 second spells are hammer of the righteous and shield of righteousness. the goal of this rotation besides utilizing every gcd is to have a near 100% holyshield uptime, to limit physical damage you recieve.

    example: HotR, HS, ShoR, Judgement, HotR, consecration, ShoR, HS, HotR and so forth, doing this properly will make sure you never have to wait on a cooldown and have 100% uptime on whatever you are tanking

    Just as lumines did, im also going to refer you to http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com/ there is tons of information which will really help you in the long run.

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    and looks like i got beat to it :P

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    Was gonna to say after you have reached 540 gem for someone else. I believe the ratio is 5 rating to 1 point, but feel free anyone to correct me if I am wrong. Gem stamina I would suggest unless you are lacking on expertise (26) got exp and sta or hit I recommend upping hit other ways then gems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misskaoz View Post
    Was gonna to say after you have reached 540 gem for someone else. I believe the ratio is 5 rating to 1 point, but feel free anyone to correct me if I am wrong. Gem stamina I would suggest unless you are lacking on expertise (26) got exp and sta or hit I recommend upping hit other ways then gems.

    The changes should hit 540 defense with the meta and swapping to the 20 def gem. Expertise and hit are threat stats, deathwhisper and sindragosa are the only parry hastened bosses in ICC, and 99.99% of fresh tanks will be a few weeks before they are tanking sindy, on normal deathwhisper does not threaten to gib a tank unless interrupts just are not happening, at all. To tank normal modes you seriously need 0 hit, get into heroics and you need to be in the 130 range to remain taunt capped, following the correct rotation you will find very very few actual pugs who can challenge your threat output.

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