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Thread: Paladin Tanking Question (Mana Issues)

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    Paladin Tanking Question (Mana Issues)

    About a month ago I came back to WoW after about a 6 month break. I decided to switch mains from a DK to my lvl 80 paladin alt.

    So here I am, I have ran plenty of heroics as a healer getting badges to buy tanking gear. I am pretty much done with this process. So I figured I would take a shot at tanking today.

    To ensure I didn't kill anyone, I took the daily regular random. It wound up being FoS. I didn't have any problems keeping threat. But after the first two pulls I was OOM. So I switched from JoL to JoW and proceeded to the third pack. Again, ended OOM.

    Now I have healed plenty of Paladin tanks over the last month that just kept going and going. Never once was mana a problem for them. So what am I doing wrong?

    Here is my opening rotation:
    Avengers Shield - HS - HoTR - Judgement - SHoR - Consecration
    HS - HoTR - Judgement - SHoR

    And the obligatory armory:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    At level 75, you should have trained the ability Divine Plea... That, combined with the protection talent tree skill Guarded By the Light, essentially gives protection paladins unlimited mana. Divine Plea, when popped, restores 25% of your base mana over 15 seconds, but Guarded By the Light refreshes the cooldown every time you hit something. The cooldown on Divine Plea is only a minute, so it shouldn't be an issue to keep it up at all times, and you shouldn't even need to put it back up if you're chain-pulling. It's useful for long fights, and boss fights where you're only dodging/parrying/blocking one enemy. It doesn't make much sense to use Divine Plea as a holy paladin, since it reduces your healing done during the duration, but it's very nearly required for tanking.

    Also, I know it's probably unnecessary, but be sure you have Blessing of Sanctuary up on yourself any time you're tanking. Every time you evade, you regain 2% of your base mana... Significant, considering how small a protection paladin's mana pool is compared to other mana-using classes.

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    looking at your gear, i doubt you were taking a lot of damage especially in a regular instance - this means your mana back from spiritual attunement is low

    also, most mobs would probably be dying too quickly for you to avoid - meaning your mana back from sanctuary will be low as well

    finally, especially in h fos (h vh is another one) the mobs are spaced just abit too far apart for you to maintain divine plea

    only suggestion i can make is to reduce your consecration use - that is a huge mana drain
    also, try it on heroic, you take slightly more damage there so your mana back should be higher

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    FoS can be a bit of a pain due to spaced out mobs, multiple casters and long runs between packs that might be long enough to allow Divine Plea to drop off.

    Basically, keep Divine Plea rolling as much as possible (if you don't know whether it's active or not, an addon such as PowerAuras can be very useful to let you know), only Consecrate as much as you need to, bless Sanctuary and judge Wisdom.

    It doesn't matter so much in heroics, but for future reference the rotation you mentioned is definitely suboptimal for single target threat. Read up on the 969 rotation if you want to improve your single target threat.

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    Personally, I make sure Consencration is @ the end of my rotation. My Hit and Expertise are capped on my Paladin & with as much DPS as most people are pulling now adays there's really no need for it.
    Again, personally, I've attempted to use the 969 rotation and it drives me nuts. Here's my action bar:
    1) Attack, 2) HoR, 3) Macro I made for Divine Plea and Avenger's Wrath, 4) Holy Shield, 5) Avenger's Shield, 6) HoTR, 7) Judgement,
    8) SoTR, 9) Consencration (if needed).... If you're having mana problems tho, obviously you want to use JoW, and probably throw it right after Avenger's Shield.
    I, as of lately, have no issues with threat so I use SoW when I get low on mana, once I am full I swap back over to SoC or SoV depending on what I am dealing with.

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    really, in most cases, the 969 rotation shouldnt be optional, it should be required, with the exception of consecration, which you can skip if low on mana.

    If 969 is too much of a problem due to your keybindings, fix them!

    my key setup is
    1. taunt macro
    2. HotR
    3. judgement of wisdom
    4. ShoR
    5. consecration
    6. judgement of light
    f2. holy shield

    the rotation is never an issue for me with the buttons as they are, you can open up with judgement to ensure wisdom is up from the start. as said before, you dont NEED to use consecration, it will put you OOM faster than anything else in overgeared content

    please take this advice seriously, despite a few situations, theres no reason to disregard the 969 rotation, class knowledge is what seperates the ok players from the exceptional ones

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