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Thread: New alt warrior

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    New alt warrior

    Hello everyone.

    I just recently got my friend into playing WoW with me, we started RAF so I rolled an alt warrior to level with and tank for her.
    My main is a fairly accomplished prot paladin, I have an understanding of game and stat mechanics and I have a very good idea how im going to gear my warrior at 80, but this isnt the issue.

    Currently it is level 11, Im leveling as prot, so I can tank in quests and randoms for my friend, (she rolled a warlock)

    I have never played a warrior before and have absolutely zero idea on how to play it properly. By the time it reaches 80 I will have dedicated alot of time into learning warrior end game mechanics and theorycraft, but.. well every guide i can find is dedicated to end game.
    Does anybody have any advice on how to play a prot warrior while leveling? I dont know much about rage, or which ability to use and when, especially for when i start tanking, id rather start off knowing asmuch as possible, and not be one of those lowbie alts that facerolls and hopes for the best

    any advice is appreciated

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    Well, you don't have much abilities until you hot 40 and get the Shield Slam.
    So just play in Def Stance because you will get 10% less damage. Do do damage use Rend, Thunderclap and thats basically all ^^, oh and keep the Battle Shout active. If you got the killing blow change to Battle Stance charge the next enemy and use Victory Rush before switching to Def Stance.

    In addition you can use Demoralizing Shout to take even less damage and apply Sunder Armor to increase the physical you do but because you level together with a warlock the fight might be over to soon to really take advantage.

    At level 12 you get Overpower this ability is only usable in Battle Stance but after your enemy dodged an attack you get a very powerful and cheap attack that requires stance switching.

    At level 14 you get revenge which shares the cool down with Overpower and is only usable if you block, parry or dodge an attack. Revenge works well with Shield Block and its available with level 16 and increases your chance to block by 100% which means you can use Revenge after you activated Shield Block

    So after that you get a lot of situational skills that I don't want to explain here because learning how they work is part of the fun.

    Talents form the Def-Tree:

    At level 30 you get Concussion Blow which stuns the enemy and deals a good amount of damage and even more threat.
    At level 40 you get Vigilance. You put this skill on the party member which produces the most threat and you get Shield Slam from a warrior trainer.
    At level 50 you get Devastate which replaces Sunder Armor from now on
    At level 60 you get Shockwave which stuns all enemies in a frontal cone and deals damage.

    When you reach level 60 you have all the tools for the Def Warrior priority list that is mentioned in the guides.

    To build threat before Level 30 you use:

    Sunder Armor
    Shield Bash (not sure about this but if my mind serves me correctly it also generates threat)

    After that you can fiddle in Shield Slam and the talents from the Def-Tree.

    Debuff the enemies with Thunderclap, Demoralizing Shout and buff yourself with Battle Shout or Commanding Shout (at level 68).

    If you have over 50 Rage you can use Heroic Strike (one target) or Cleave (two or more targets) to overwrite your auto attack with a special but be careful and stop spaming Heroic Strike and Cleave if you have few rage because you will not generate new rage by yourself. I' sure there are useful posts on this board that deal with the next swing attacks.

    Nice tools which can come in handy are:
    Taunt (works like the Taunt of the Paladin but dosen't do damage)
    Challenging Shout (AoE "Taunt" that doesn't put you on the same threat level like Taunt)
    Mocking Blow (does damage and forces the target to attack you for 6 seconds)
    Intimidating Shout (AoE fear)
    Shield Wall, Recklessness and Retaliation (the last two require Battle- and Berserker-Stance)
    Last Stand
    Hamstring (slows the enemy but requires Battle- or Berserker-Stance)
    Enrage Regeneration (regenerates 30% of your health over 10 seconds)

    Basically all warrior abilities are useful and I don't want to talk about all of them :P .

    I don't know if there is any specialized way to skill. Personally I would get Shockwave as soon as possible.
    You can use the the Thunderclap, Bloodrage and Battle Shout Glyphs for the minor ones. The Glyph of Charge can also be useful but i prefer Bloodrage for leveling but Charge is really good, especially when you spec'd Warbringer. The Glyph of Command is useful when you have access to Commanding Shout but again for leveling I prefer the Glyph of Battle (-Shout).

    As Major Glyphs I would use Heroic Strike to begin with. Later on you can change it and add Glyph of Devastate, Sunder Armor and Taunt if you tank a lot of Dungeons.
    Again Glyph explanations and discussions can be found all over this board.

    Gee thats a wall of text. Hope it helps and that all the info is correct.
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    Thank you very much, It was exactly the type of response I was hoping for

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    To add on to Scyla's (awesome) post, your spec:

    grab Improved Thunder Clap and Improved Revenge ASAP. They are huge boosts to your two biggest threat generators. Once you hit 40, you want to buff Shield Slam too.

    And you definitely do want to go the full 51 points in the Prot tree before you sub into the other ones. After you grab Shockwave, I'd get Armed to the Teeth, then go after the parry talent and Impale/Deep Wounds, and then you have your two filler points (Cruelty is nice for fresh 80's).

    So in other words, work towards the old school deep wounds spec: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#LAM00fZhbZMItrx0zidIzsGo

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    thankyou, could someone explain why warriors only take 2 shield spec, its not a good talent? or is it kinda like why paladins only need 1 spiritual attunement

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    I am going to submit a different build strategy, because so many people ignore Shield Spec, which early on is one of your best rage builders. Anticipation

    10-12 -> 3/3 Improved Thunder Clap
    13-14 -> 2/5 Shield Spec
    15-17 -> 3/3 Incite
    18-19 -> 4/5 Shield Spec
    20-21 -> 2/2 Improved Revenge
    22-23 -> 2/2 Shield Mastery
    24 -> 5/5 Shield Spec
    25 -> Last Stand
    26-29 -> 4/5 Toughness
    30-31 -> 2/2 Gag Order
    32 -> 5/5 Toughness
    33-34 -> 2/2 Anticipation
    35-39 -> 5/5 One-Handed Weapon Specialization
    40-41 -> 2/2 Improved Defensive Stance
    42-44 -> 5/5 Anticipation
    44-47 -> 3/3 Vitality
    48 -> 1/1 Concussion Blow
    49 -> 1/1 Vigilance (just because your eventually going to want it, and it will lower the damage your pocket healer takes)
    50 -> 1/1 Warbringer (I Prioritize this over devastate, because mobility is key to good tanking)
    51 -> 1/1 Devastate
    52-54 -> 3/3 Critical Block
    55-57 -> 3/3 Sword and Board
    58-59 -> 2/2 Damage Shield
    60 -> 1/1 Shockwave
    61-63 -> 3/3 Improved Heroic Strike
    64-65 -> 2/5 Deflection
    66-67 -> 2/2 Improved Charge
    68-70 -> 5/5 Deflection
    71-72 -> 2/2 Impale
    73-75 -> 3/3 Deep Wounds
    76-78 -> 3/3 Armored to The Teeth
    79-80 -> 2/2 Improved Disciplines

    I recommend these talents in this order from my personal experiences from leveling 4 different prot warriors.

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